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03-02-2012, 04:18 PM
That's an interesting concept.

Here is what I did for my Federation Android Boff:

Originally Posted by Loarn 27
Two centuries have passed since the Federation first contact with the humanoid, android society of planet Mudd. The societies Coordinator, called Norman 1, having advanced their society further submitted a handful of android Engineers to serve within Starfleet to support the Federations current war crisis. Loarn 27 is constructed from their traditional beryllium-titanium frame, while incorporating a breakthrough in holotronic computer processing. Improving upon the neural complexity of the more familiar positronic matrix
I'm still unsure how to approach my KDF Android.
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03-02-2012, 07:35 PM
Using an android for hazard ops does make a lot of sense, since we saw Data does not need a pressure suit or oxygen to do a ship to ship jump in Nemesis. Also, his positronic brain can be much more effective at engineering tasks because he does not need to interpret control interfaces and analyze complex circutory - something a synthetic brain can do much better than a normal biological one.
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03-04-2012, 12:30 AM
So you've got to find that delicate balance between "can do things no Klingon could do" and "can do all the exciting dangerous things Klingons want to do, and even die from".
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03-04-2012, 04:05 PM
Go one idea.

ghoqwI'-type Android
ghoqwI' is the Klingon word for spy. These Androids are designed and built through Imperial Intelligence. Each one disguised as any KDF-species. Usually as a Klingon. Essentially a spy amongst Klingon Houses who are programmed to not know their true nature. Ala Julianna (Soong) Tainor. Which would make for interesting conflict RP once the spy reboots after falling in battle the first time.
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03-04-2012, 09:51 PM
I stumbled upon a gem of inspiration from TNG's Unification episodes. Now I have a bit more to work with. I borrowed some terms from the STOwiki entry on the Android Boff. And the adapted Julianna Tainor's shutdown protocol.
Originally Posted by Unification, Part 2, Act 1
Captain's notation. Recommend
we study the potential for a
Klingon artificial life entity.

jInmol qoq Duy (Project: Robot Agent)

Since 2365 sentient androids have been officially recognized as free-thinking lifeforms within the Federation. Not so within the Klingon Empire. However, in 2368, Imperial Intelligence took interest in the concept. Captain K'Vada of the bird-of-prey, IKS Kruge had returned from a covert mission to transport Starfleet Captain Jean Luc Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data to Romulus. During this mission, K'Vada was enthralled at the idea of Data having penetrated the Romulan Central Information Net. Something the KDF had failed to accomplish for many years. Having seen Data's abilities, upon his return from this mission he sponsored a KDF research initiative to study the potential for a Klingon artificial life entity.

So began jInmol qoq Duy (Project: Robot Agent) in 2368. After may years of research and development, the first of the qoq Duy entered service in 2395. qoq Duy are sentient, artificial lifeforms that Imperial Intelligence within the Klingon Empire use sparingly. They are highly advanced robotic beings designed to imitate humanoid - usually Klingon - functions and characteristics. Although, a variety of humanoid shapes and forms are possible, limited only by the capability of each unit's designer. Although they can appear to be life-like, they are synthetic and do not contain any biological components, thus distinguishing them from cybernetic organisms - such as Borg or Liberated Borg. Typically built to retain basic Klingon features, most qoq Duy are are essentially programmed for deep-cover spying amongst Klingon Houses. Sometimes assigned starship duty by an unknowing House. They are programmed to not know their true nature. Even more rare are qoq Duy designed to replace a fallen I.I. agent in appearance and memory to complete a mission.

qoq Duy are highly resistant to toxic radiation and psionic damage. As is typical of most Klingon Warriors, who rarely seek medical treatment, qoq Duy are programmed to evade having their true nature exposed. I.I. deliberately designed them to shut down in the unlikely event of their android nature being discovered. They are also programmed to eventually deactivate to essentially appear to experience "natural" death. Sometimes rebooting after a pre-programmed period of time for recovery by Intelligence operatives.
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03-04-2012, 10:22 PM
My KDF characters are not officially "members" of the KDF.

My KDF is not of this galaxy he is remnant of a defeated enemy of my federation main (me) who follow me back to earth after defeating his "creator".

Goskinor - Tac Capt - Tall Burly, Angry Commanding.

I have 2 eng officers. They are named Unit *six-digit number*
One is the android and the other is the Borg BOFF. I have my android look as generic as possible race wise with as much tech on the face and a twichy demeanor. I did as much as I could do the same with the borg one. The are just machines of the former empire.

All my science officers are "mutants". There are all named Mutant *six-digit number*
Large head, small body, long fingers, short legs. Easy for Goskinor too pickup and yell at, when I beat him. Made 3 all look some what different. Has "creature" stance.

All my Tactical are Soldiers. There are all named Soldier *six-digit number*
Tallest Burly, and ugly and all looks the same. Think Jem'Hardar but nastier and no personality.

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