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# 1 Request build for a PVE BoP
02-29-2012, 01:20 AM
Hello fellow warriors,

I'm new to playing Klingon and I was wondering if someone could counsel me a good build for a Bird of Prey in PVE/STF.I fly a Tac Captain and I don't plan to do PvP at all.

Thanks in advace
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# 2
03-01-2012, 08:09 AM
TS1, TS2, CSV2, CSV3
TT1, TT2, APO1,

After that for science you need a hazard emitters to clear debuffs and a heal, and a polarize hull goes nicely for resistance buff and to free you from tractors.

Using an engineer to give an aux to integrity gives you a nice heal you can pair with the hazards and an aux battery to good effect on yourself or a team mate. I'll often put an engineering team in here for healing out of combat, or for using on the Kang. In combat obviously you're running the two tactical teams.

Consoles I run 3 Neutronium. You get about 38% resistances across the board this way so its useful outside of STF's. With omega or one of your other buffs running these naturally increase.

One 35% shield console and two Inertial Dampeners in science. Feel free to substitute cheese consoles for the dampeners.

Two energy type and one kinetic type consoles in tactical. For instance 2 antiproton mag regulators and 1 quantum zero point.

Weapon load out 3dhc and one quantum torp fore. 2 turrets aft.

I've used plasma to good effect with this build in STF's. Your torpedo spreads will set everything awash in plasma fire. Just saying.
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# 3
03-04-2012, 03:57 AM
thanks, i will try that.
and for the skill, is it good to build my captain like an escort captain ?
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# 4
03-04-2012, 07:57 AM
TT1, APB1, CRF2 (or CSV2)
TT1, CRF1 (or CSV1)
ET1, EptS2, EptS 3, APtSi3
HE1, PH2


TT1, APB1, CRF2 (or CSV2), CRF3 (or CSV3)
EPtS1, APtSi1, EptS3
PH1, HE2

4 DHC's up front, 3 turrets aft. 3 same energy type TAC consoles.
EPS consoles. 3 of those bad mothers. Wha??? I know right? THREE OF EM.
You can drop one of them for a Plasmonic Leach if you have one (you're a klink and don't have one?)
Field Emitter, Assimilated Console, SOMETHING COOL (wish I could squeeze another eps in here...)

Wreck face. Profit.

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