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# 1 Assist targerts targert
02-29-2012, 04:06 AM
Well a discussion with an ex-STO player (left for the bug btw), I remembered of that good old and very very usefull function "assist targerts targert" wich is broken for over a year now.

For the newer players: Assist targert targert was an option caused any heals that CAN be used on another player to be used on the targert of your targert. So if a Borg cube targerts your fleet mate you could support him by just using you hazard emiter without clicking arround and breaking the attack. If the cube attacks you, your hazard emiter goes to yourself.
Very usefull, caused MUCH better team heals if enabled (wich is something seriously lacking in STFs and PVP today)... and by that improved the gaming experience by A LOT.

Last time I checked the option was still available in my user interface.
It just doesnt work any more.

So my question is: Will that be fixed ever? (A dev respond would be appreciated)
Does nayone even REMEMBER that function, because when I asked in my fleet yesterday after the mentionet discussion, nobody remembered.
Or is there a way to fix it myself?

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