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Originally Posted by whipplor View Post
i do something similar , my ships are named after british cruisers from world war 2 ( hence my main is sheffield , also biggest city near where i live )

For mine I chosed Texas for the NX class cause it was a very advance starship when it was built but quickly became obsolete. Sort of like the very first USS Texas that only survived for about 5 years before being retired.

I went with U.S.S. Kennedy on the Constitution Refit mainly cause he was a politican. The other reason was that the Constitution was used in the TV series from the 1960`s so it was only fitting.

I went with U.S.S. Robert E. Lee on the Akira for the fact that the Akira is a heavy cruiser and it was only fitting to name it after a famous General that served the military as Generals for two different countries.

I went with U.S.S. Thomas J. Jackson on the Galaxy cause the Galaxy is a large starship that can take some punish and doesnt run from battle hence being named after Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

The Soverign class was fitting for carrying on the name Texas mainly due to its general design layout that is part of a heritage design.

I named the Danube runabout Rio Grande mainly cause I couldnt think of a fitting name and Rio Grande was a name I thought was nice that was used on a Danube Runabout.

Only thing is I didnt come up with an elaborate registry numbering system. I could use mmddyy for important dates related to the names I picked. But I know starfleet wouldnt have done that and just simply slap a name on a starship as it was built and given a consecutive serial number.
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I use registries that are based on the production codes Trek episodes.

For example: DS9.

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I would like to see the Devs allow a broader range of registry numbers, say, make the minimum allowable something in the range of 10000 or 10999. I would like to use the registry used by my real life fan club chapter, USS LoPresto NCC-29665-C, but alas, the numbering scheme is locked at 99000 and above.
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Holy Thread-o-mancy Batman!

If this was a sticky then it might be cool but it's not a sticky.

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Just a heads up...

Threads that the last post in are greater than 30 days, are considered Zombies and it's suggested that ya start a new thread about the subject at hand.

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EDIT: This thread has been closed due to being a "necro" thread. Remember, if a thread has not been posted to in over 30 days, please start a new thread to discuss a topic Thanks! ~BranFlakes

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