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03-01-2012, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by Malnificent
Alikkon, thanks for the math lesson. Really! I never looked at the computations (at all) that way and didnt realize the only reason i wasnt sucking weapon power wind was that console keeping me in the fight.

Bringram, thanks for your advise too. I do enjoy the Torp up front and yes, i'm running 2 - Tac team 1s. Frankly I forget right now what's in that reamining ensign slot but I think it's scatter or volley 1.

Looks like i'll be shopping for 2 of the 3 Borg pieces with my 10 Marks. another 5 shouldnt be a prob. then time to start saving up for the MACO shield. then plan towards full Maco MK-II. that's the kind of plan i was looking for.

xixboneheadxix, you're right I should change out those white tac consoles ASAP, but the Exchange is so damned expensive on anything Phaser or Disrupter. I get disgusted and refuse to pay those prices ... and drops havent been kind to me. But alas ... you're right. they must go!
I just recently came up through the ranks and started doing STF's in the Defiant like you are. My advice is to only use your EDC for the Borg set and then save all of your EDC for a ground set or something else as you will pick up plenty of borg tech and salvage to get you any MK X, MK XI + MK XII weapons and your MACO and OMEGA sets!

I have collected enough salvage for 3 sets of MK XII gear for different ships now as well as full MK X and MK XI MACO and OMEGA gear
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03-02-2012, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by alikkon View Post
Serious questions - I am not trying to troll. It's quite possible I'm misunderstanding something about ship power.

How are you maintaining your power levels with 4 forward facing cannons + 2 turrets? You're losing 12+12+12+8+8 = 52 energy when firing. Even if you're at 125 that brings you down to 73. Running the 4+2 setup that brings your damage to 256*4+132*2=1288*(73/50) = 1880 DPS.

Remove one DHC and you end up with (256*3+132*2)*(85/50) = 1754 DPS + 458*1/10 (shield pen on a photon torp is 10%, correct?), which leaves you at 1800DPS. Slightly lower before shield penetration, but once you tear down a shield it's devastating. If you turn your torpedo autofire off you can truly make that count by firing just before a shield drops.

(I know power levels don't work exactly like that, but seriously, the math for figuring out the exact utilization is super complex)
My understanding, was that your first weapon fires without any energy weapon. That means your second weapon is at full subsystem power before it subtracts energy.

So, if you are at 125 with 4x DHC, it would be 125 - 12 = 113 for the 3rd cannon, 113 - 12 = 101 for the 4th cannon, 101 - 12 = 89 for the 1st turret, 89 - 8 = 81 for the 2nd turret. If you went all turrets, in the aft, it would be 81 - 8 = 73. I run all cannons, and I see this amount, +/- 10 after each volley.

Also, you're not calculating DPS correctly. Weapon power is a % modifier. At 50 subsystem power, your weapons are doing 100% of their reported damage (if the cannon is 256, you do 256). Now, I was under the impression 125 subsystem power would be 250%, but I've heard it's closer to 400%. Not sure how that works out. Let's just say it does 250% for this example.

It should look more like:
256(2.5) + 256(2.5) + 256(2.26) + 256(2.02) + 132(1.78) + 132(1.62) + 132(1.46) = 640 + 640 + 579 + 517 + 235 + 214 + 193 = 3018 damage per volley.

This amount is before you calculate any skills, buffs, or consoles.
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03-02-2012, 11:08 AM
I run STF's on Elite almost daily with my fleet mates, and this is the build I use and it works the best that I've seen for the Defiant-Retrofit.

@Terminator2924's Build

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