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Due to the recent discussion about transphasics, it seems that torpedoes in general may need a revamp. Torpedoes, except in some cases, are mostly just sitting around waiting for torp spread and torp high yield to come off cooldown. This, to me, is really a letdown for such an iconic weapon of Star Trek ever since I started playing in beta.

My particular idea is that instead or a regular shoot, wait for cooldown, shoot again, like a standard powers, is that the reload time fills FOUR torpedo tubes PER torpedo launcher installed on the ship. The reload time for each tube would be the same as is for each torpedo as it currently stands, I.E. 6 seconds for each tube to fill for photons (this may need to be adjusted, but the torp Doff can proc on EACH individual queue. Four chances to reduce reload time for each tube waiting to fill). Global cooldown for each launcher would remain 1 second interval. Most likely tricobalt would remain at one torpedo.

So after 24 seconds for a photon torpedo installed on the ship (or less with Doff proc), you have a queue of 4 filled. Each individual torpedo bay equipped on the ship reloads at it's own pace, separate from any other torp bays installed.

How This Would Work With Current Powers

Torpedo High Yield
For each rank, the number of torpedoes in the launcher tubes would determine the yield of the power i.e. for high yield I, 2 torpedo tubes would be emptied, high yield II, 3 torpedoes etc. Whether this may necessitate a change to torpedo power cooldowns (or removal altogether) is up to testing purposes.

Note: The activation of a power such as High Yield II or III would fire all available torpedoes in the tubes i.e. only 2 or 3 torpedoes with high yield III would fire all available torpedoes. With 4, it would gain the full benefit.

Torpedo Spread
Similar to High Yield, Torpedo spread would stay true to it's current conception, but the number of tubes depleted would be based on the number of targets fired at. As it stands, Torpedo spread can hit up to 4 targets currently (if I remember correctly). For each target, one torpedo tube would be emptied, up to the maximum of 4. Each rank would keep it's current number of hits the same. With reduced damage per torpedo, this would make torpedo spread a "spammable" ability for those who don't want to wait for a full queue, but suffer from less burst damage.

Alternatively, Torp spread could be changed to something even more similar to High Yield, with up to two targets hittable with Torp Spread I, three with Torp spread II, and four with torp spread III.

New Power

Torpedo Attack Alpha EDIT: also called Torpedo "Dispersal Pattern: Sierra"
Something I'd thought I'd add to keep torpedoes relevant in a heavy shield tanking environment. Torp Attack Alpha would fire two, three and four torpedoes per rank that specifically target shields and do 50% shield damage to the target (i.e. a torp that would hit for 4k on hull would hit for 2k on shields, before shield resistance), at the cost of 50% less damage to hull.

The effect would look similar to the "split-torpedo" attack that was shown on TNG in a couple episodes, seen HERE EDIT: After watching the episode again, Picard called it "Dispersal Pattern: Sierra" I kinda like that.

Also, as a side note, can we get the battlecruiser Birds of Prey that were shown in that clip? They're called K'Vort class birds of prey, and are roughly 4 times larger than B'rels. Just a thought.
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03-01-2012, 09:08 PM
Any response from the devs on torpedoes? I thought there was suppose to be a change coming to them sometime...

The current state of torpedoes in PvP is a real telling factor at this point. Most top escorts will completely eschew them in favor of all energy weapon damage. Cruisers barely use them due to turn rates... which leaves torp sci boats, which are really specialized shield strippers and kinetic damage dealers, but mostly with PSW.

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