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To the Ship designer(s) in STO, here are just some random thoughts of mine about some previous ship designs in STO:
Before you read this: these are just my thoughts about some ships, you don't have to agree with me, and as you know beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Avenger Class:
Just simply the best looking ship in STO IMO.
It looks sleek, futuristic and very advanced. It's a big shame that is is just a theetless healer ship, while it could have been a next generation sovereign class.
In contrast to the Fat and badly proportioned Odyssey Class the Star Cruisers (avenger) should have been the govern ship design for starfleet in the 25th century.

Advanced escort:
Personally i find it VERY HARD to find combinations of top and bottom nacelles/pylons that are really symetrical to each other.
Altrough we have so many parts, only very few of them allow us to place all 4 nacelles in a symmetrical way.
So there are only very few good looking combinations and a LOT awful ones.
Just a few possible solutions for this problem:
- If we could get a trigger that would let us arrange the Pylons and Nacelles in a symetrical way this problem would be solved.
- Let us just choose just the top (or bottom, it doesn't really matter) Pylon/Nacelle combination and let the programm itself create a symmetical counterpart.
- Give us the option either to remove the bottom Nacelles/pylons or the top Nacelles/pylons.

Fleet Escort:
Most ugly federation ship i have ever seen, nuff said.

Many already have stated their opinion about his ship. I just want to say that i find it too fat looking and the Nacelles just too huge, which make the ship look very bad proportioned. She really isn't a beauty IMHO.

The Nebula Class:
I know it's canon, but i always found that ship rather bad looking. A slightly less compact configuration would look MUCH better imho. Additionally we should be able to use all the Galaxy variant ship parts (envoy, Celestial and venture) too.
It would be awesome if we could get the option to make the pylons face backwards OR forwards to give this ship a better apperarance and make it look less blocky.

Tier 3 Science Vessel:
Please give us more science ships looking like them.
I find this kind of ship surprisingly good looking, different but still much more "federation - like" than a Fleet escort for example. It would be great if we could get some Tier 5 science ships that resemble this design.

Tier 3 Heavy Cruiser:
As above i would love to see those designs at Tier 5 ships. Since (in universe) they are much newer than the Excelsior for exampe, which is still in service and outperforms much newer designs, like the sovereign on some occasions.

In general, i find that many of Cryptics shipclasses and variants look too angular in general, wich make them look less advanced and a bit out of place for the 25th century.
A big exception is the new Venture Variant for the Galaxy class, althrough i would never use the hull or the pylons, i like the general "sleekness" of this design, just as the bellerophon classes.

I sometimes think the designer of some classes, thought it would be better to make a shipclass look agressive than advanced and Starfleet -ish. I think there is a big misconception about starfleets futuristic ship design, i think starfleets 25th century ships should have a floating and more appealing ship design. The designers should keep their "cool" and angular designs for futher playable minifaction/ species IMHO.
Ships like the Fleet escort may look good in a generic Sci Fi but those designs do not look like starfleet at all, imho.

Generally i find it very hard to make a good looking ship with the ship parts we get. Disregarding the fact that we have sometimes a huge amount of ship parts to choose from, most of them just don't make a nice general shape. I think that STOs ship designers concentrate too much on small details and forget giving ships a appealing general shape.

Especially the assault cruiser suffers from this problem. I virtually spend the first half year of STO with trying to find a appealing hull/pylon/saucer/nacelle configuration with no satisfying result. Please never ever again make pylons with holes, never, please...
I came to the conclusion that the only really good looking original Cryptic made Cruiser is the Star Cruiser, i just wish that the desingers could have made all ships look a BIT more like the Star Cruiser (especially like the Avenger).

I think that Starfleet ships need a general design line for the 25th century, STOs designers really should keep an eye more on the general shape of their ship, instead of making every detail more exaggerated then the previous one.

I just find i sad and demotivationg that vitrually all ships that look good are either healer ships or completely useless at all (at least for me).

My point is that we should get much more freedom in designing our ships via the ship editor.
Even if you disagree with me on some point, i think that everyone wants his/her ship to look pleasing for the eye so improving the options would be beneficial for everyone.
I am not talking about adding just more ship parts but more options in general, like making pylons wider/ more narrow. increase the size of the Nacelles a bit (maybe 20-30%), stuff like that.
I do not demand to give us the Freedom to make our irrecognizable, but to make small improvements/adaptions to make them look more "balanced" and appealing for the eye.
Those options would also greatly help those ship classes that don't have very much Ship parts to choose from, one could still create some nice looking ship variants with just some parts.

Please feel free to add you comments or just say if you hate my point of view.

Live long and prosper.

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