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03-04-2012, 11:25 PM
Originally Posted by zekesulastin
Kinda looking around and planning ships for my Klingon alt - is it just me or is the 1600 c-point Defiant-R with a cloak console fitted just a squishier free-to-RA Qin Raptor with a turn rate console fitted, or does that better inertia make that much of a difference in maneuverability?
Yes, its technically the same as a Klingon Raptor in terms of BO slots and the fact it has a cloak.

Its actually down one on the Raptor due to the cloak being a console, but makes up for it with the Inertia and the fact its the FREAKIN AWESOME DEFIANT! :p
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03-06-2012, 11:45 AM
<<I wanted to know what y'all thought of the Retro Defiant vs the Retro Prometheus. I have already heard the suggestion of buying both Prometheus and putting the MVAM console on the RA version, so please pick your favorite Prometheus (WITH the MVAM console) and compare it to the Defiant...
I mainly play PvE and STF when not doing campaign missions.>>

For STF's I prefer the Defiant as it's slightly more manuverable and you have the exta Tac Boffs rather than SCI. It's a slightly more focused damage dealer. The trouble with the MVAM in the STF's is the 'pets' don't last long (usually) as they tend to cling to Borg cubes as they blow up.

For PVE I much prefer the Promethus. Solo in PVE I find the pets confuse the AI and there are less instances of enemy ships deciding to park next to me for no good reason. I can also use a presser beam without annoying my teammates. The Prometheus is also more properly sized for the standard interiors etc. In short it's a more fun ship and the MVAM can be quite useful. It's just not quite as focused as the Defiant is, and people care about that when you are doing Eliet STF's.

You CAN use either, the differences are subtle. I've even heard people recomend the MVAM for the extra tier 3 science BOFF abillity, but that's a tricky thing to pull off. If you're doing alot of STF's I think you'll find it easier to configure and use a Defiant.

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