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Is anyone experiencing these issues as well? Before the latest patch the game ran without any issues, and I have not installed anything new or changed my hardware setup, but since the latest patch, gameclient crashes during the cryptic loading screen, once the bar is about 60 or 70% full, I have tried verifying game files in both steam and the STO launcher, running them as an administrator, even reinstalling STO, but the game still crashes in the exact same spot; can anyone shed some light on this? Is anyone else having these problems?

I have made and attached a dxdiag file in the hopes that this might help.

Thanks in advance.


Never mind! The non-steam version works fine, and copying the data over from it into the steam folder has fixed it for whatever reason, issue solved.
Lt. Commander
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03-02-2012, 05:16 PM
My client is crashing now with today's patch as well. Music start playing and my system locks up.
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03-02-2012, 11:50 PM
I'm having a crash problem too since the new patch, crashes at the Cryptic screen, no music or anything. Whoever came up with the latest patch should've made sure it didn't cause problems like, oh, crash the game.

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