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# 1 Angry Tribbles
03-10-2012, 05:19 AM
Welcome to the Angry Tribbles Fleet advertising post.

Angry Tribbles is a new fleet in game we are small but have big ideas.
We would like to extend an invite to the players of Star Trek Online and invite you to our small team based community - what's better than being in a community revolved around what most of us love, Star Trek? Were just a bunch of guys like log on, chat, laugh and kick bad guys butt!

So while those missions are on cooldown or you're waiting for your queue to pop, what's better than discussing your favourite episode of Star Trek with other Trekkies/Trekkers?

As said above we are just getting off the ground and we're still working on establishing ourselves as an organization in game however we are looking for some experienced players who may like to be involved with setting up fleet events: such as PvP games, STF runs, organising time to help the lower level players with missions etc.

We have players from various time zones (and sleep schedules) so we are open to players from various areas of the world from GMT 0, GMT -5 and GMT -8

So if you have any questions or would like to join up, please feel free to mail me at my handle, @Matthew486DX or you can look up our fleet from the in game social menu, (O is the default keybind) under find fleet, search "Angry Tribbles" for more info or other fleet members to contact.

We also have a teamspeak server, while voice chat is not required to be in the fleet, it is available.
So those who would like to use it.
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# 2
03-18-2012, 07:45 AM

Drop us a message in game - come run an STF with us!
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# 3
03-19-2012, 10:41 AM
We're looking to help new players level up and build their characters or to run coordinated STFs and other Fleet Actions with level cap players. We have a few master crafters, so if you have the materials but not the crafting skill points, we have people that can craft those high end items.

Perhaps an accolade run on some of those older episodes you did solo?
With that said, we're looking for more Science Captains. We have plenty of Tactical and Engineering (personally have both on VA), but our only science character is my own, which is now up to RA, and I'm looking to level it up to VA, but if we need a Science for an accolade run, I pull my Sci Captain out.

I'm also doing my best to make this a community effort. I like to be proactive with all the members. No matter what level you're on.
I do like fighting the late game missions and high level elite challenges, but I am not above re running the Klingon War episodes.

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