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I found that out on the weekend and perfected the strategy.

I have a tank build with threat control.
Means I could easily hold her attention and I let her chase me the whole time.
I always tried to avoid her best shots to survive, but this time I took the damage (and still survived) with good timing on my resists,
The result: As long as she maintained a positive target lock on me and could actually fire she didn't cloak and as a result didn't use her thalaron weapon until she was almost dead.
The ret of the team chased HER and was never in harms way
I had to leave her weapons range with EM just once because everything else was on cooldown and only then did she cloak
It was the only opportunity she got. When she reappeared she was gone in seconds for good..

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# 2
03-05-2012, 07:11 PM
when she fires you hit he with everything if everyone does at same time t when she fires gun should do as good amount of damage

Load up on tric's the Borg ones pack a punch they work great on gens
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I prefer to fight Donatra from inside her bridge, myself.
That is, when I snag aggro. Otherwise I'll do more to try to annoy her.
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03-05-2012, 11:20 PM
Is this Elite or Normal?

Normal anyone can tank her no problem.

Elite all you have to do is stay behind her when you have agro and everyone stays alive.
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03-06-2012, 01:53 AM
This was Elite.
When you stay behind her you get hardly hit, true.
But she also keeps cloaking.

My point is, staying in front if her effectivy neutralizes her thalaron weapon, cause she only uses that when decloaking. And she won't cloak if you let her keep weapons lock.
I didn't have any problems tanking her conventional weapons.

If find thus is a very interesting and useful bit of information.
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# 6
03-06-2012, 03:31 PM
The technique is called 'Kiting'. I've noticed it as early as December. Good technique, as long as you don't get out of her 10 km range, you'll do fine. Cruisers are great for kiting because they can take Donatra's punishment and they don't accidentally zip out of range too fast.

When she locks on me, I just lead her along in a zig zag pattern, and over my finger on the brace for impact, RSP, Eng Team... whatever I can do to survive one of her alpha strikes! *L*

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