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What exactly is an emitter array? It's description is "+x Starhip shield emitters". I thought this would be increasing the shield power setting by x. But it doesn't affect that number at all when I equip and unequip it.
What is it increasing??

As for shield emitter amplifier, how can we see its affect? The ship menu only shows the shield strength but does not display the regeneration rate. This also doesn't affect the shield power setting. Also, when I tried to find info on this, I see a lot of cotradictory info, from people who stacks 2 of these, to websites that say they don't stack (in stowiki, but it looks like its old info since it refers to this as an engineering console), to posts that say its not working at all.

Right now I have 2 shield emitter amplifiers, but not sure if its really doing anything.

Also, if theres any uptodate info I can check on this, pls provide a link. Thanks.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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03-04-2012, 02:51 PM
Shield emiiters is a tier 1 skill. It "improves all starship shield repair and healing abilities". A console will add X skill points to it. So if you max it out with 9 points, you will have +99 skill, plus whatever the console gives you. Sof if you equip a +10 shield emitter console, you will now have a total of +109 shield emitters. As to how +109 translates into actual shield healing, there's a formula but I'm not sure what it is. You can stack these to increase your skill.

Don't confuse shield amplifier with field generator. They do different things, and i don't think either stack.

EDIT: after reading the wiki, it looks like the amplifier is broken, and doesn't do anything.

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