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# 1 Red Alert Not Standing Down
03-04-2012, 01:36 PM
I'm running War is Good for Business with a friend. I engaged an enemy and he took off. I couldn't hunt him down because I was at Red Alert and maximum impules was disabled. I went back to the asteroid and scanned it uninterrupted, and I still was at Red Alert. Now I have to search the nebula with manouvering thrusters. I've been out of combat for over 10 minutes. OH, and I can't exit and reenter the nebula because the abort mission is disabled. I tried changing instances but there weren't any available...or so it said.


EDIT: I didn't get the dialog box that says I can't use full impulse until after I scanned the second anomaly. II'm STILL at red alert, and I'm not in combat.

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