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Was going to buy battleheart, but I thought it was a buck and not THREE! (gasp)

I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying apps. I've gotten some really great games for free when they come on sale. any good iPad games that are free that you'd recommend?

I'm so bored I'm watching local news. Help! (let's see who was killed today-let's go to weather-let's cut to a commercial-let's see who else died-commercial time!-local traffic on the 8s!-who was as robbed today?-let's break for commercial-weather every 3 minutes!-commercial-channel 8's exclusive story about how to not get into debt![dont spend more than you have, don't just pay minimum credit card payments! -thanks, I never thought of that]-time for local weather-now our exclusive on what coach tomlin had for breakfast this morning-let's see who else was murdered last night-commercial time!-weather on the anys-have you noticed you're watching almost the same amount of commercials as "news?"-shame on me-here's Jenna with tips on getting healthy! Eat less carbs/fat and exercise more-only on channel 8!-)


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