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03-05-2012, 09:43 AM
what does EPSx2 do?

My weapon set up is similar:-

2 x dual heavy cannons
1 x heavy cannons
1 x Quantum torp

2 x turrets
1 x phaser beam

All are phaser based, and I have all phaser thingys in the tactical slots.
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03-05-2012, 09:50 AM
EPS improves your power transfer rate.

This really only helps when transferring power from one subsystem to another.

For instance, if you are dropping out of full impulse. Or switching from offense configuration to speed configuration.
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03-06-2012, 02:58 AM
Hey guys thanks for the help, I got my LT ENG and LT SCI set up last night, i cheated and just bought them off the exchange, promoted them and jobs a goodun.

LT Sci Hazard & Sci Team

will start looking at my tacs, yet as i have most of what i need I am pretty much there now.

Then next on my list is my galor set up...
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03-06-2012, 04:50 AM
Originally Posted by slurmer
2 x dual heavy cannons
1 x heavy cannons
1 x Quantum torp
Not sure what you mean by your weapons? What are Heavy Cannons? Just trying to understand the build not be a smart arse.

Dual Heavy Cannons
Dual Cannons

If you are willing to pay for it the Quad Cannons from the Defiant Refit are the best DPS Cannons in the game.

EPS Consoles used to help restore power after weapons fire, but they don't anymore. If you use the cloaking device to move around in Full Impulse and wait you can get by with just one. I also don't change my power levels much. I also have points in the skill.

I run a Raptor and the theory seems to be the same.
1 Quantum
3 DHC's
3 Turrets in the Aft.

Run a console to boost your favourite Sci ability and use the 35% extra shield console. Two don't stack. Regen shield consoles don't seem to make any difference. Your Tac consoles and eng seem right. Although now I think about it the 2nd Sci slot could be used for your cloaking device.

High Yield does more than an equal level Torp Spread, unless it hits at least 3 targets. And it can sometime be dangerous for an Escort to only have AOE whammies.

I run 2x Tac Team 1.
Rapid Fire
Scatter Volley
High Yield
Torp Spread
Beta Pattern <- this is to help in group situations, replace with what ever you want.
Omega Pattern

Now as to using an ability twice in a row, you are a Tac captain and have Tactical Initive (I may have the name wrong.) which halves your cooldowns, so by using that I can get 3-4 sets of Rapidfire without having to swap to Scatter. This is better than running 2 Rapidfires and a Scatter Volley. I can't see anything but a STF Boss taking more than 2-3 hits from Rapidfire and High Yield.

Throwing some mines or a Rear Tricobalt in there won't hamper your DPS too much but could give you a way to shake a chaser.

Oh and finally cloak as much as possible, not much point in buying the cloaking escort unless you use it right.

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