Lt. Commander
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# 11
03-10-2012, 07:03 AM
i took some of the advice from above knowing that i have a good enough setup, i can now take on 3 spheres just well enough or a cube but thats good now, my dps has come down a little but nothing really significant enough.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 12
03-13-2012, 08:25 AM
i use in my Vor'Cha refit

Front 3xPlasmaDualBeam Mk12 + Plasma Torp
Aft 3xPlasmaBeam Mk12 + Plasma Torp

Tac-Ensign: THY1 (or TSpread1)
Tac-Lt.: BFAW1, BeamOverload2
Eng-Lt.Cmdr: EmergencyP2W1,EngTeam2,EmergencyP2S3
Eng-Cmdr: EmergencyP2W1,ReverseShieldpolarity1,EmergencyP2S3 , EWP3
Sci-Lt.: SciTeam1 (or TSS1), HazardEmitters2

Eng: Turnrate,Borg-universal,EPS, WeaponPower
Sci: Shieldcapacity, ShieldEmitter
Tac: 3xPlasmaEnergyDmg

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