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# 1 The Lecture.
03-06-2012, 04:02 AM
Klingon Imperial Intellegence Database, Online.
\Enter request:

Historical Information, Orions in KDF Service.

\Specifiy; Personal or General History?

General History.

\select: Oron history prior to entry into Klingon Service, or Current Service?

Orion History prior to KDF service.

\Data Ready.

Khemaraa slowly scanned the information, taking it all in, and copying selected information to his PADD.
As usuall he left lecture prep to the very last moment. The Academy commandant had remarked to him previously how much he disliked Krenns style of teaching but there were few Klinogns that actually bothered to know much at all about the KDF's allied fleets members. His was one of the few houses that even inducted non Klingons. Most assumed it was politics and in a way they were right, but not in the way they assumed. Like his honored ancestor of a century previous his interest was the survival of the empire above all else. He continued his chore from long practice while he considered the past.

He recalled the day he found that wonderfull marvelous treasure in his grandfather study. A Book.. a real book. Bound in some sort of leather with an embossed cover of a D-4 battle cruiser on an attack run. Its paper archival quality parchment, and the pages lined with actuall gold leaf to prevent fraying. He remembered the first time he read it, and of how exciting a story it was. He also recalled the day his Grandfather caught him reading it. He was such a wild targ then. all ready to attack, and yet Grandfather said nothing other then "finish the story.. its important." He was puzzled at the time, more so that Grandfather would indulge him. It was so unlike him. When Grandfather told him that other then a little dramtic licence that what he had read was a history of the begining of his house he had been shocked. On that day grandfather started teaching him Klin'Zha, and he began the long journey to becoming a premire stratagist, and a ships captain.

When he achived his 12th Birthday as was the tradition of the house he would choose his own name. He chose the name Krenn. In the years since he had done much to live up to the name he had chosen. Before his last battle even Grandfather admitted he had done well. Grandfather lost his last battle, as all do. But his battle with death was long, and grueling. And he fought it to the bitter end. Not going either easily or quickly to Greth'or. He was the third Krenn in the history of House Khemaraa. Grandfather had been the second, and his Grandfather had been the first. He had 3 grandsons now. He wondered if any of them would choose to be the 4th Krenn.

The book was now in his Library as was his right as the Family patriarch. He knew all of the boys had read it. but the youngest.. he kept going back to read it again. Maybe him.. He sighed a moment. Only time would tell. But now to the task at hand. He finished tranfering information, and began orginizing the information for presentaion. The door opened to his office. A Cadet presented himself in the door bearing a tray. Krenn noded and gestured to a section of his desk not cluttered with PADDs and piles of Hardcopy. The cadet quietly set the tray down saluted and left. Krenn looked over his lecture once more, making a few changes here and there. The Hall proctor would let him know when everyone had arrived. He uploaded the final pass to the to lecture halls lectern terminal, and helped himself to a fruit pastry and some freah hot terran coffee. He smiled as he did so... Few Klingons realized that thier Rak'tigino was a Terran import. and was prepared specificly like the coffee drinks of an Earth region known as "Turkey".. as usuall he found it phenominally amusing.

Moments later the desk display lit with the amazingly ugly face of the hall proctor. "General, they ahave all arrived." Krenn smiled briefly.."throw the Tape of the Orion Dancers on the main display and let it play.. I'll be there momentarity." The proctor frowned in obvious disapproval. Kreens face hardened for a moment with a snarl "When you are selected to teach here at the Academy you may run your lectures how ever you please Proctor. I am un-interested in your thoughts or opinion or your obvious disapproval, and you will not display them to me or I will find you a berth as a slops mate on a frieghter. Am I understood?" A flash of anger and fear crossed the proctors face before he gained control of his emotions. "I beg Pardon General. I.." Kren cut him off. "No excuses, and no pardon. It happens again Proctor and your done. Now follow your orders. Krenn out." Krenn slapped the terminal off.

The fool proctor didn't understand any more then the majority of the Cadets would. But some would understand, and those that did would see that it was simply another test. And know that by realizing it was a test, that they had allready passed it. Those would be the Captains that would guide the Empires future and it was his job to find them and make certain they got the training they needed. He checked his own monitors. The Orions cadets present had been briefed earlier and he was pleased to see were following thier own orders to the letter and the tapes of the Orion Dancers was playing. He checked another display. The I.K.V. Dancer had arrived in orbit within the last hour. Good, that ment Kui should be on the ground fairly soon and ....

The Office door opened to reveal the tall silver haired black eyed magnificence of an Orion woman in her maturity. "Adaptive Father" her marvelously clear contralto voice rang with no small amount of pride. "Kui, come in please! Its good to see you as always. We have a few moments yet. So hows is that federation boy friend of yours?" She grinned "Angel is fine.. though we've not gotten to see much of each of each other lately. His duties have kept him rather busy, as have mine." Krenns face became more serious. "Ah yes, the that old Dominion fleet that disappeared during the war returning. Nasty business that. Concluded now I assume" she took a seat with a flurish that made his liver twist "Yes adaptive Father. Imperial Intelligence may not be entirly pleased with the result of what they are now calling the 2800, but I for one will be glad to get back to fighting the Borg."

He siged.. knowing it would be a futile gesture, none the less, it was an old game he must play out with this adaptive daughter six years older then himself. "Kui, please, call me Krenn. There is no need for such formality between us." She smiled.. he nearly had a heart attack on the spot.. Orion women! "I will not and I would not even consider such an act of familiarity being so disrepectfull to the head of my house especially in so important a place as the Klingon Academy command schools's dean of History's and stratigic study's office." She held up one finely manicured hand. "Do not try to convince me other wise. I will not even consider it. And how is the Lady Khemaraa? She was not in when I messaged the Estate." Krenn surrendered the point while he still had some chance to retain his dignity. "The one is well. Kelaina in first city taking care of house issues. But she will be pleased as always to see you. She has missed you a great deal. She will want to hear all about your latest adventures and I'm not talking about the ones with the Borg or the Dominion!" he said with a grin. Her laugh rang out like the pealing of bells. "Ah! So she's angry with you again eh?"

He lifted his coffee cup in salute.."You Adaptive daughter know me all to well. And we shall have to continue this later. Thank you for agreeing to be a guest lecturer today. The agents provoceturs are planted in the audience..lets go see how many of these potential captains can actually think shall we?" he said as he stood. "You didn't tell them I was coming did you?" He grinned a particularly mischievious grin "Of course not Kui. Even the Orion Cadets need to be constantly tested." She smiled at that. "Like you tested me you nasty old Targ?" He nodded all serious now. "Yes, Absolutly. And you were one of my very finest students. And that is because you were able to teach me." He motioned towards the door. "Lets go."

.................................................. ....................
More to come....

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