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Hi All,
I'm a Tactical Captain (VA) who's flying a Dreadnought Cruiser (I know people will flame at this, But I just don't like Escorts and I'm not making a new captain just to be engineering! lol)
I Have a load out which I think is ok and suited to my ship, but I'd appreciate your advice/comments on the matter!

Here's what I have :-

Fore -3x Mk XII Phaser Beam Arrays (Borg)
-1x Mk XI Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Borg) [going to be upgraded to Mk XII asap]
Def -Borg
Imp -Borg
Sheilds -M.A.C.O Mk XII
Aft -2x Mk XII Phaser Beam Arrays (Borg)
-1x Mk XI Phaser Beam Array (Borg) [going to be upgraded to Mk XII asap]
-1x Mk XII Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII (Borg) [to be replaced by Mk XII Quantums (Borg) asap]


Engineering - Cloak
- Tetraburnium Mk XII uncommon
- Monotanium Mk XII uncommon
- Emergency Force Fields Mk XI rare
Science -Emitter Array Mk XII uncommon
-Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk XII common
Tactical -2x Phaser relay Mk XII uncommon
-Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XII uncommon

I do play elite STF's but I wonder if this loadout/ship with a tactical captain is good enough for them!

As I said, any advice/comments welcome (unless it's change your ship to an escort, lol!)

Looking forward to hearing your oppinions.


p.s. I can post my Boff Abilities if required!


p.p.s I also have the Aegis kit, and am aquireing all others as soon as possible!
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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03-07-2012, 02:14 PM
Please visit these threads, as there is a significant amount of discussion about setups for the dread in both.

Beam build:

Cannon build:

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