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# 1 The Breakfast Club
08-28-2014, 08:59 AM
I represent The Breakfast Club. We are a tier 4 fleet, working soon to be 5. We are very active, very fun and quite helpful. We accept members of all type, do STF runs, helping level up, ship build recommendations as well as our own website with forums, posts and news releases that you'll only find with us! We do have a TeamSpeak server as well as many other resources! One of the guys that helps with builds has the fastest SOLO run of ISE and is willing to help you build up to that potential!
Mail @hpgibbs, @numbers288, or @spencerb96 in game for more info!
Feel free to join our chat channel! TBChomies! Type in /channel_join TBChomies
Good for info, mark runs, build help and you can ask for an invite there!

The Grate Lorde Cheesus
Ship build coordinator for The Breakfast Club http://WWW.TBCSTO.COM
Doesn't Owe Anyone EC
Kirks Protégé
DPS 25k+

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