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I would like to see savable custom searches for the exchange, with advanced filters for item properties that go beyond just the name.

This was inspired by the great set of filters for searching thru ones DOff list.

I'd like to see the same filters for searchig DOffs on the exchange. Also, I would like to see similar sets of filters for searching weapons, BOffs, everything.

So you could search for a female Vulcan BOff with Superior Mind Meld without having to dig thru every damn Vulcan on the exchange.

Or you could see all disruptor turrets with [crth] and [acc] regardless of if some are [acc]x2 or [crth]x2 (they'd all come up).

And you could set a price range as part of the filter. Then save your search so you can quickly do that same search again whenever you feel exchangey.
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07-16-2012, 02:30 PM
Yeah, no kidding. And better search by name too. Maybe the ability to have multiple name parameters, not just one line, as I sometimes can't quite find what I'm looking for with just one line. For instance, I want to find something with specific abilties "[dmg]x2 ..." But I don't care about the Mk level, but I do care that it's Tetryon. Currently there's not really an easy way to do this, since it uses pretty literal searching and if you leave out the "Mk ..." part of the literal string the search FAILS.

And yes, I'd love to be able to search DOFFs by ability, or to be able to optionally search ALL DOFFs. I like the categorizatino, but I feel like they need to add one more that's just DOFF - All. 'Cause I want to search ALL DOFFs by rarity, to what kind of deals are available without having to search each of 50 categories one at a time, with a 5 second timer between each. I'd rather just search "ALL DOFFs," with "Rare" sorted by "Price." (Sometimes. Other times I just want a specific type, so having the individual categories is still quite good.)

Also, for some reason one can't seem to search the ENTIRE exchange for environmental suits?? One has to go into the Body Armor area or EV suits don't show up at all. You just get a blank result...


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