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03-07-2012, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Fix it for ya there Super.
"They're calling these events The Pattern; as if someone was playing a con game, only the whole playerbase was their mark."
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03-07-2012, 10:30 AM
i bet the the weak spine on the fedside doesn't want the klinks to be flushed out inorder to prevent rommies to comeout with their warbirds and i am a feddie. I like to see the klinks full of content and see the loony feddies go even crazier when the warbirds arrive
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03-07-2012, 10:32 AM
I think the overall interview went incredibly well. HOWEVER,II honestly believe that the overall thinking of your development cycle may be flawed. In the interview you referenced a D&D style of campaign editor. You toold us how it is difficult for you guys to weigh producing "campaigns" for one faction that has the majority of the playerbase, while seamingly ignoring the other faction and thereby alienating that playerbase. Everyone knows that the KDF side is completely lacking. We agree. Everyone knows that the strong lion share of players reside on the FED side. We agree.

Honestly, think larger scale. OK, now zoom out 100 times. What do you see? (rhetorical)

What you should see is just another MMO. OK, so you look at it from a consumer point of view, because let's face it, what you're trying to do is get more actual consumers. Consumers = people who pay money for a product. They essentially write your paycheck and everyone else's paycheck in the studio.

1. It's Trek based.
2. It's ground combat AND space combat (with ships).

To pull from your "campaign" model that you spoke about in the interview, I'll reference a DM's point of view in a traditional D&D game. What a GOOD DM does before the match is make their own maps, their own traps, their own plotline before the day arrives that his/her friends come over for the game. While in the game, the DM worries about the small things while the overall landscape is followed.

To pull that into a MMO point-of-view, you make the overall large system of how things work, then you let the players worry about the little things as they're playing your system.

To that end, I would like you guys to look heavily into the following thread by Alecto and contributed on by myself: Starbases and you.

If you revamp sector space, it effects everyone (FED, KDF, newbie, and Veterans) alike. If you allow Fleets to have starbases and enable the PvP system for Fleets to vie for those Star bases and resources, then you effect everybody the same. Having everybody contribute the mainstay of their time and resources to Starbases and PvP, then they can interact with the existing plot-line at their leisure (or as they get into that sector of space). The majority of the game is already setup in this fashion. (DOFF missions and the plot-lines) are already tailored the sector of space that the user is in at the moment of play. If the PvP landscape followed this, then the world would be as comprehensive and interacting as possible. You would let the player make their own way in the Universe rather than telling them how they are going to play in their universe.

I'll admit that there are four hurdles that I can see from a technical stand-point that will require development.
1. Make sector space instance-less. If we're already at warp speed moving from system to system, how are we going to from Warp 20.00 or faster to a warp speed that's so fast that we instantly move to another quadrant of the galaxy? It doesn't make sense and doesn't provide for a finished product.
2. Make the Starbase system. Fortunately, Alecto has done a lionshare of the whiteboard for this already in his thread.
3. Make Sector space MUCH larger. I know that this will basically increase the load on the shards, but possibly by rearranging how they are setup you can change the load. Make systems or even instances of systems their own shard and sector space it's own shard. Sector space would only then be used for static placements of objects like planets or starbases and the movement to those objects by the players. The main load of the overall server would be on the PvP areas and the actual missions that players can play.
4. Make the PvP system tied into the existing "Enemy Contact" system that is live on Holodeck now. If you need an MMO that ties this in immaculately, look at Pirate of the Burning Sea for instance.

In closing, you've got mainly two types of players that currently play STO. The F2P guy who plays the game as casual as can be imagined or a lifetime subscriber who has been with the game since Beta and who has a lot of great ideas to see the game attract a larger player base and essentially would like to see you and everyone else in the Cryptic Studio make more money. The Foundry doesn't exactly allow for people to make entire systems of game play as it's tailored to mission maps and mission triggers. Could there be something like the contest of the Odyssey class to put down for you guys a clear vision for how the game (and community) will be best developed in the future?

Besides, if you have everybody worried about territory control and the development of their Fleet's StarBase, then you essentially free up your developer's time to fully flesh out the KDF side, fix bugs and loot tables, and make additional player-run factions (Romulans, Cardassians, BORG, etc...).
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03-07-2012, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Ncha
What I'm worried for however is the return of the catering to the Fed population because they're a majority player base. Evidently with Stahl numbers matter and because we were "merely" 18% of the playerbase our desires weren't that important.
Much as I don't like to be that guy, I got to say...I called it.

The news had barely broke about Dan coming back to the EP chair and cries of doom were already sounding on the Klingon Gameplay board. And I said I'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt but his attitude towards a perceived minority player base would likely not have changed in his time away. And in two podcast interviews what's the first thing out of his mouth when the KDF comes up? "Still a minority player base", "chicken or the egg problem" etc.

The rationalization continues. What's funny to me is the other players who talk about a Romulan faction. I actually think I remember one poster awhile back in a Romulan Faction request thread that said something to the effect of "the Romulan Star Empire doesn't NEED Klingon approval. Bring on our faction." And what's funny about this is who's to say that rationalization, that "tune" they're getting so used to playing about "well if we spend the money to make this content will enough people pay us to play it somehow" won't come to bear again? So really, people who want a Romulan faction I don't know what it is you're hoping for. If they won't flesh out and develop PvE content for one the biggest Star Trek factions, why on Earth do you think you would get anything better for the pervieved "15-20%" of the Star Trek fan base that comprise Romulan fans?

Since Christmas to now they've been playing with Galor ships and Jem bugs but do you really think a Dominion faction is in the works for the "3-10%" who'd play them?

Because really, what's Star Trek if not another sci fi series told through the eyes of human superiority over all life in the universe? And that's not Cryptics fault by any means, or even Rodenbarry's when he designed Trek. That's been going on since the birth of science fiction, and with Star Trek it's endured long enough that different races developed into major powers because they were compelling primary antagonists, Klingons in TOS, Romulans in TNG, Dominion in DS9 and Borg in Voyager. But at the end of the day each playerbase has a "minority" because the narrative view always came from human or Federation eyes. The sad thing is this game won't endure for very long on this road because truly even from the Fed side of things the content isn't that fleshed out or great. PvE in this game can border on tedious.

The one thing STO has to hang it's hat on, and the only reason I recommend it to anyone frankly, is that they are rocking easily one of the best ship combat PVPs out there. And yet they won't help make that their bread and butter by doing what every aforementioned series took the time to do, devote episodes to flesh out and provide a window into the antagonist. Because it's those eps that spawned the "minority" or "cult" fan bases of those particular factions. And if you don't have more than one faction in an MMO, your PVP isn't going to count for jack all. Which destroys the one major piece of appeal left in your game. And that's sad that it's just being flushed away.
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03-07-2012, 01:08 PM
For an Empire look at the World of GreyHawk the degree of history and story built for Nations and free city states as guide and example of where we could go with developing more functional areas.

Im thinking maps that do not have Teller and Betazoid and Ferengor are needing a RETCON as a starting point to Move forward.

STEP ONE> Project TREK the next age.

Document past Dev PC and board game models to present as demographic support to why the owners should fund expansions and revisions.

STEP TWO > Develop more depth of play not the multi player -Xbox Legacy the Solo Campaign strengths.
the conquest model of SFB and SFC.

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