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I have not been able to finish it once due to trolls who use plasma torps and mines on purpose. I know for sure in my last game a particular user was using torps on purpose. I emailed him, I PM'd him, other users emailed him an pm'd him and he still kept using torps. He was an admiral, I'm not sure if we are allowed to call specific users out so I will refrain from saying his handle but I reported him and so did a few others. He was a member of a fleet to and I think I am going to report him to his fleet, I believe it was the 106th.

Anyways Crystalline Entity is a horrible level that needs desperately to be reworked before I ever play it again! This is my second MMO and its just reinforcing my belief that RPGs are better. Anyways end of rant.

Edit sorry he was using high yield plasma torpedos and mines not regular torps. I was so frazzled i forgot to specify lol. Plus he used boarding party. edited to specify.
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03-07-2012, 12:26 AM
Torps are fine to be used at all stages. Except torps that can be shot down, since those can be collided with.
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03-07-2012, 12:32 AM
What is wrong with using torps?

Yeah, I know there is this galactic legend that using torpedos is healing the entity.

Believe me, that is not so.

Try it yourself. Fire a torpedo at it and watch it's health bar. Nothing will happen except hit points coming down.

Then there is the believe that shooting fragments is causing the healing.
This is less far from the truth but still wrong.
Shoot a fragment and you will see exactly nothing happening to the health bar of the entity.

Now what does happen?

The entity has a self regen rate like yourself as long as you have a living crew.
If you let it alone it will eventually heal up by itself.
This is easily overcome by a couple of ships that put up constant DPS pressure.
The second healing mechanic is much more devious, because when it happens there is so much chaos usually that people don't see it to make the connection. They connect the healing to things that they do see.

In the last stage of the fight, around 30%CE health, large fragments start to spawn.
They are faster and tougher and seem generally more aggresive and easier to aggro.

If they hit anything, a ship, boarding shuttles, fighters, mines, basically everything that can be targeted and destroyed the resulting destruction of the fragment spawns three small fragments which return in a straight line to the entity and actually heal it up 1%.

It is perfectly fine to use torpedos on any kind of fragment except high yield plasma and tricobalt and cluster torpedos, cause they count as collisions. But a healthy number of quantums is actually your best friend if you got a large frag on your tail.

BTW, small fragments are targetable as well and can be killed before they reach the entity.

To explain all this on the map is futile and of course there could indeed be trolls that collide on purpose with a large fragment or use a mine carpet during the last stage.
But I doubt people who are informed enough about the CE are the typical trolls.
If someone ignores your messages he is most likely ignorant in general.
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# 4
03-07-2012, 12:40 AM
Updated the thread I forgot to specify what I meant by torps its late where i am so I'm sorry if I sound like a dodo.
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03-07-2012, 01:34 AM
Thankfully, if I am remembering correctly, you can now queue for this as a private group and apply a password so other people from your fleet/etc can join. Running it with the public is always dangerous if nigh on impossible.

In spite of the unforgiving mechanics, I think it is one of the better designed encounters in the game as it really pushes home the point to players that they must

- be prepared
- work together
- understand the changing situation

What they should do is implement a better means to explain to people the stages of the fight and the elements. Usually, the introductory hail isn't regarded as it disappears at the first sign of combat (much like the detailed and important information regarding the stages and elements of the revamped STFs). It shouldn't fall on one person to direct others - in order - to get something done, but most random I've spoken to during the encounter have no grasp of what is going on at all. One guy thought we had to kill this thing to get onto the ground portion of the mission. lololol

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03-07-2012, 02:19 AM
Don't pug Crystalline is all I can tell you. Find a fleet or friends and do it with them. Pugging a CE is a guaranteed failure. The mission is recommended for players who are at least level 41. Of course once you create a public mission it will always bring the lowbies in with their Hargh'pengs, mine spam, or their brilliant tactic of "ramming their ship into the entity but hit a large fragment instead." Sometimes the other problem comes up where you get some players who don't speak your language which makes it hard to communicate with people.

Just save yourself the stress.
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03-07-2012, 03:20 AM
If I were to revamp the mission I would split it more visibly into the existing three stages.

Each time the rage level of the entity rises give the battle a short period of pause...

Just like with Armek or Captain Ogden.

During that time when the entity gets ready to up the drama, give us a BO pop up that explains what is happening and soem recommendations on how to alter the strategy.

Like giving the fragments more attention during stage two und the uselessness of shields because the beam attack stops and everythign else gets straight through teh shield from now on.

And of course some explanation to the large shards and a warning toward collisions.
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03-07-2012, 04:17 AM
Remember back in the day, beta if you were around, and you're just exploring as a low level and you find the CE out in space roaming about? It was cool.

I've never finished it, either because of trolls or people not understanding the mechanics. Sure if I really wanted to do it I could get into an organized group but after half a dozen attempts and even getting it down to like 5% one time (in which it healed back up damn near instant) it's not on my priority list.

It's just one of those fights that isn't "hard" but it's annoying to rely on group coordination, so much to the point that it makes you honestly just not want to do it. What little reward you get (an accolade, bragging rights) is not nearly worth the time invested in my opinion.

You aren't missing out on much.
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03-07-2012, 04:47 AM
i was tempted to join the CE 6am, mostly because couldnt get to sleep for a few hours. but then again i realized that it wont get anywhere, what would make this encounter any different from the last one? the chances of everyone cooperating are nigh impossible.

as stated in numerous different CE threads, i have had thing marked for death for over a year now, i want it gone at some point.

but no one offers to help those honest souls to tag along with a fleet as a guest to help get rid of this thing and possibly a new recruit to the fleet or a friend in another fleet elsewhere, always useful to have one or both as a fleet.

i fail to see how this advantage is missed by all the fleets seen thus far! im not complaining to guilt trip a member of a fleet to get me on his team to do the CE or that of anyone else, i just hope that these fleets keep an open mind over such an idea, as it can test exactly what a fleet should be looking for while that player gets an idea of that fleet, and again getting the CE destroyed or have that player kicked and get another fleet member into the game or another outsider a chance... its far better then sending blind invites only to find out that person could be a punk and not a player, the CE is perfectly ideal for such a thing i would of thought.
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03-07-2012, 10:06 AM
I didn't know you could play it with your fleet I asked people while the CE mission was going on and they said no.
Well I might actually play CE again with my fleet only and finally kill the damn the thing.

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