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# 1 Jem'Hadar Shipboard Mission?
03-07-2012, 08:04 AM
Morning, all. I'm a longtime player who only recently rejoined STO and started playing like a madman. I've used Google to find various helpful issues on these forums but never really posted.

I know that the Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar chain gets a lot of questions, and I have one more. If there's already a thread on this, please direct me to it and delete this one. Much obliged.

My question is regarding the Perform Science Evaluation of Particle Traces on Jem'Hadar Warship mission, which is supposed to be found in your Shipboard tab. When the heck does this mission show up? I've been searching for it for about a week and a half now, and I've never found it.

My assumption is that all the GotJH missions are only in Cardassian space (i.e. Alpha Trianguli, Beta Ursae and Zeta Andromodae Sector Blocks, Rolor and Betreka Nebulae, and the Zenas Expanse). Every day, every chance I get, I check the DOFFJOBS spreadsheet for new missions and cruise through every available part of Cardassian space, looking for this mission. I've yet to find it. Of course, I cruise the rest of the galaxy, too; still no luck.

I'll grant you that I work 9-5 most days and so I might be missing it during the day. I know a good friend of mine found it at some point. So, for those who've found it, where did you find it, and when? How often does it show up? It's really frustrating to see other parts of the Jem'Hadar chain show up when I'm online when I'm unable to continue the chain until I get this shipboard mission done.

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