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# 1 Terror in the Patch
03-16-2012, 12:31 PM
Terror in the Patch is a novel type story that is designed around 24 chapters.

The story is a mystery type story that takes place in both the Federation and Klingon side of the war. It also takes place in different time periods.

[Production notes]

Why design the story this way?

I am a fan of classic books like Dracula. I wanted my first serious Foundry story to be designed around the classic novel format. This story is not meant for the casual player. It is designed for the non-casual player who desires to play a long story with a complicated story plot. The player cannot just play one chapter and the mystery is solved. The core parts of the mystery will not be revealed until chapters 10.

The first nine chapters is mainly build up for the larger story.

[Chapter Plots]

Chapter 1 ( Federation story)

This chapter begins the mystery. It introduces the player to the current conflict in the story. In Star Trek Online canon, there is a war going on between the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans, the Borg, the Cardassians, the Undine, and the Dominion.

This story begins a arc or possible arc as to why this is occurring.

This chapter begins with a lost ship of anthropologist that left Vulcan on a religious pilgrimage to the Briar Patch. On the way into the Patch the player encounters an Orion squad bent on the Federation's ship's destruction.


Chapter 2 (Klingon story)

On the KDF side of the galaxy, the player is sent to gather intelligence on the Federation activity in the Briar Patch. The Federation activity threatens the war efforts of the Klingons.

Chapter 3 (TOS story)

This chapter begins the TOS timeline for the story. Here the player starts out at the beginning of the formation of the the Star Fleet as written in the Articles of Federation. The commissioning of the 14th starship built from the Constitution class.

After the commissioning ceremony, the player is sent to investigate the Briar Patch. Upon arrival, the player encounters a Federation ship that appears to be from the future.

Chapter 4 (Klingon story)

The story continues for the KDF, our warriors are sent to infiltrate a Ferengi supply base in the patch. KDF intelligence believes the base to a secret Federation supply base. The empire wants the base eliminated.

Chapter 5 (TOS story)

The player must investigate the mystery of the Federation vessel from the future.Why is it here? How did it get here?

(to be continued)

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