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this is absolutely ridiculous.

I played the game for the last few days without any problem - so my drivers, runtimes etc. are all installed properly and up to date.

A few hours ago i ALT-tabbed out of the game to the desktop like i did a hundred times already and wanted to go back in. Then the game crashed. It never crashed before.

Now i get the error "Gameclient.exe has stopped working" (without an error explanation - blame windows, not me) everytime i try clicking the "Launch" button in the launcher.
Starting the game without the launcher works though, but i cannot connect (i believe there is some deprecated server connection setting hardcoded into the exe...) at all.

Reinstalling the game did not work.
Reinstalling the non-steam variant of the game did not work too.

After doing some research i found out, some poeple encounter this problem too since 07-03-12 (since the newest patch came out) too.

After doing more research i found out, some poeple needed to uninstall IE9. However, this didn't work.
Also setting Dynamic Lights to off didn't work.
Also starting with safe mode didn't work.
Also forcing verify with the launcher didn't get me any "positive result" of a failed verification, so it didn't work.
Also verifying the data with steam didn't work.

The only possible workaround i could think of is reinstalling windows (as i did not create any restore point, because i used to reinsall windows rather frequently...)

If there is any way to get the gameclient.exe to connect to the perfect world account-/login-/gameserver without the launcher, please explain, thank you

Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-07-2012, 01:18 PM
welcome to the club cyrusol
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03-07-2012, 07:12 PM
Be grateful you do not have a decompression data error like I have had over the past month!

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