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# 1 Dark Mirror Series
03-07-2012, 05:30 PM
Hi there guys,

I'm a bit of a new author here in the foundry and on the forums, so please bear with me and give constructive feedback. I have created a Dark Mirror Series meant to be run alongside the Cryptic version. I'll give you the best rundown I got.

Dark Mirror Series – 3 parts (so far). As i do intend to expand this further than I have. I do have at least one more mission planned in the set.

Dark Mirror – The first part of the series starts here. A distress call is heard in the Lateri System in the Beta Ursae Block near DS9. The distress call is lost before it can even be responded to. As the only ship in the area capable of responding in time, you are charged to investigate if the Cardassians of the True Way are making a push for Bajor. Upon arrival and scanning the wreckage of the USS Ferosa, a band of what looks like Federation ships attacks you. More pieces to the puzzle? Needless to say that intrigue is going to run rampant in this Episode of the Dark Mirror Series.

Into the Looking Glass – The second mission in the set. The first mission has shown all the lies laid to rest, the Terran Empire is invading again. Only this time they are playing with technology they shouldn’t be toying with. With the capture of one of their Admiral’s the way forward is clear. Go into the Terran’s space and stop whatever is happening before it starts. A contact from DS9 also wishes that the stolen tech be destroyed and made unusable for the Terran’s research. Cross the borders of reality and return unscathed…if you can.

Terror on the Other Side – The third, but not quite final, mission in the set. It would seem all the work you have done so far might have been for naught. The Terran’s have still attained tech and abilities that were better left alone. The Admiral you had captured in the first mission knows she is doomed to die if she doesn’t do something as an act of good faith to attain Asylum in Federation Space. Will she turn out to be an asset, or a lure for a more dangerous trap? Once more you must traverse the breech and do what most Captains would be afraid of. Can you survive?

I do thank you for any feedback that you might have as well as suggestions on bug fixes, possible workarounds to make the story more cohesive, or just general constructive criticism. I thank you for your aid and attention that you have bestowed on this post.

-Oberon Signing off for now-

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