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# 1 My STF issue
03-09-2012, 01:18 AM

I just wanted to request that the devs look into STFs and possibly add a Vote Kick option. This may not be a new request.

If it's not new or not possible, I propose an alternative: an ignore list reference. Maybe you can code in a way for the STF queue server to take a look at each person's ignore list. And then maybe the server won't group me up with anyone from a fleet called PVP (I'm sure you have all heard of them).

It would be nice to have options playing an STF to avoid wasting my time which I am already wasting (I prefer to play a video game and let my brother find a cure for cancer). Some options like:

1. Leave an already failed mission without a 'Leaver' Cool Down (which needs careful scrutinization),
2. Vote-kick an authentic, AFK-for-the-whole-damn-game slacker or
3. (best way IMO) Prevent being grouped with aforementioned slacker.

If I was a Deserter because I was a sissy and couldn't be patient with the noobs, I sure as hell would thoroughly condone being called a leaver and being docked for 60 mins. But the mission was over and the map bugged. Please fix that because it is dumb. Please don't make me do elite STFs with individuals who let 4 other people do the all the work so they can watch a movie or do homework or some other distraction from their distraction (which is also dumb, why bother playing). Elite STFs fail with **5** people but this guy thinks that 4 can do it just fine. The slacker runs no risk of a Deserter Cool Down what-so-ever but the slacker almost always aggravates the other players. The first hot head to leave gets thrown in the Cool Down for 60 mins. Please fix that stupidity as well.

Thanks very much in advance for any cooperation on this subject. Or for letting me vent whichever may be the case.
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# 2
03-09-2012, 08:49 AM
they are looking into this submit a question to STOked Gozer is on this week

there is something on tribble for disbanding team issue

that is what anoys me is players have ignore turned on to exploit the bug when it happens
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# 3
03-23-2012, 09:22 AM
I totally agree with shanedeezee.
there are sometimes bad ppl in the game, who are just there to ruin the team game for fun or despite to others.

Not to be teamed up with those ignored player will be the best way to prevent further confrontations.

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