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03-09-2012, 08:17 AM
When we get open pvp area/areas we will need faction chat, where Husanak can say things like: "Kyle you idiot dont go alone, wait for us..." and the other faction will unable to read it.
When we get open pvp...
Just my opinion ofc.
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03-09-2012, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
Alright, we are all having some fun with the latest channel drama. I doubt it will be the last time such dramas occur (Its not the first time and no I am not just bitter about past mutes over nothing)... here is the thing.

Opvp Is NOT a public channel. I understand that mods are members of the community ect ect... and yes a bunch of the mods are in one fleet. I don't really care the channel is not public and they can care for the channel anyway they wish... they can ban and mute whom ever they like. They don't need to apologize for that one little bit... they don't need to build bridges mend fences or do anything at all they don't want too.. That channel is run by them and that's just the way it is...

Now too the point... CRYPTIC you say you want too make the next big update more PvP focused... you want too add a new ground map ect ect...

I would also like to request that you create 3 new chat channels.... OPEN Public... no In game player moderation. I want PvP equivalent zone chats....

When a new player creates a toon I want them too have Local / Zone / GroundPvP / SpacePvP / PremadePvP
3 new channels run by no one... ruled by the same rules that zone chat is ruled by... meaning people can be reported things that would get them in hot water in a zone chat would apply in these channels as well....

Its a simple add that costs you little in the way of invested time... in fact it will save you from future forum moderation duties.

Have a good one.
If i remember currectly they did add that feature in before s4 came out, but took it out because it broke the ques, i remember chatting with people that were in the que befor the match even started, and i know it was a cryptic channel because if i wasnt in the que i didnt have the channel option, but it didnt seperate the 2 types, so say i was qued for ground (yea i know LOL......) i still heard you spacers chatting on the same channel, it was seperated by lvl tho, I wish they would bring that back, it was nice to see who i was going to kill or be killed by

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