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03-08-2012, 07:21 PM
While the Heavy Escort Refit fits the +1 ships nicely, I've felt that the Advanced Heavy Crusier and Advanced Research Science Vessel felt odd for +1 ships. In keeping with the pattern, an Advanced Heavy Escort, Heavy Crusier Refit, and a Research Science Vessel should be added. Since it was mentioned on Priority One that they are targeting high tier ships I thought of these low hanging fruits to balance the ships out.

First for the Advanced Heavy Escort: Nebula Class. The Sutherland style mission pod is used for the Advanced Research Science Veessel, but the Phoenix style Rollbar hasn't been used. Switch tactical and science BOs and consoles around, switch Sensor analysis and Subsystem targeting for Dual Cannons and more manuverablity of course. No idea for any special console though. I'm hoping this idea would be acceptable since the C Store Odessey will have 3 varients. On a similar vein, if a Tier 5 Retrofit is ever added, it could share Tachyon Detection Grid console. If a second skin were added it could be named after Naval Admrials like how the Magellan was named for the explorer.

For the Heavy Cruser Refit, it would be simple to add a Constellation style skin. Possibley by scaling up and using parts from the light crusier. Of course, a Picard Maneuver console is what everyone would want with this.

I'll admit that my hope for a Research Science Vessel Refit is s Saucer that is not spherical, preferably a traditional disc. Maybe something like an Oberth, since I already mentioned Tier 1 skins being reused.

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