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# 1 Engineer with Identiy Crisis
03-09-2012, 08:08 PM

I am currently trying to figure out what I really want to do with this character.

I currently have the following:

My consoles are:

Dmg Type: All Polaron / Quantum

Fore: 2x DHC 1x DBB 1x Torp
Def: Positron Shlds / Em
Eng: Efficent Impluse
Shld: Covari Capx2 / Reg
Aft: 2x Turret 1x Mine
Engineer: 2x EPS Flow, 1x EC Hull Plating
Sci: 1x Emit Array, 1x Bio Mon
Tact: 3x Polaron Phase Mod, 1x Quantum Zero Point Chamber

Now, I was toying with changing from a fleet escort to a cruiser for a beam build - which would mean a respec to get rid of my torpedo space points

I am still not sure what I spent like 300k space points on was correct, because whenever someone talks about "builds" in this game, it seems they only ever do ship layouts (ie: weapons, consoles, etc) - while those are very important, I just have felt always at a loss when trying to decide what skill points I should be investing in.

I love the engineer class and i do pretty decent dmg currently. I have no interest in pvp, this would be strictly for PvE.

I currently have about 55k dil and 500 CPs.

Im just not sure if I am better off trying to respec and buy a cruiser

or simply make a new engineer and spend 2 or 3 days maxing another character and just fly the free cruiser they give me.

Point form needs -

> A redesigned skill build or some confirmation on what I should / shouldn't be spending points on in space
> respec current character or reroll new one?
> which cruiser?
> should i go for a true tank build or stick with a dmg build? (I ask this because despite seeing many many cruisers, I never seem to see anyone that takes any sort of aggro management for being a true tank).

Thanks very much in advance
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03-10-2012, 03:15 AM
Survivability inherently creates the most damagein STO I've noticed.... That is to say, you do more damage in this game as a tank just by virtue of the fact that you're alive.

Consider trying the Star Cruiser with a build somewhat like this...

It's a VERY forgiving build that allows you to heal through any and everything while beam blasting your enemies that are held in place with warp plasma. With all the healing there, you'll never worry about your health ever ever again and I think you'll find with all the beams your damage output is still considerable.

Just a suggestion. Keep in mind that the star cruiser turns like a Civil War Ironclad.

And with this you can keep a forward and aft quantum torpedo for the spike damage. The kids love it.
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03-10-2012, 08:14 AM
Thanks for the reply =)

So - I did some more testing tonight and I tried a variety of things - and the this aoe build seems to be doing alright for me ...

It's basically this:

Beam overload 3, Volley Spread 2, Torpedo Spread 2 Fire at Will 2

Fore : 2x DHC + 1x BB x 1 Torp
Aft : 3x Turret

I rotate the volley / torp on one rotation and use either the overload or fire at will depending on what is needed at that moment - while running tact + omega buffs - seems like it's working out fairly well.

Switched to all turrets on the back as well, dropping my mines, that way I can have the maximum facing dmg.

I also did some reading and after all these horrible pugs this morning, I think I am going to stick with a escort type ship. As the only escort in like 4 straight pug'd space elites it was brutal. I can't even imagine doing that little damage lol

So, with that said, what (if anything) would I need to adjust in my space skills & consoles (build up top in original post) to give me as much damage / survivability as possible in a fleet escort (is it worth buying a vector? or something else really?), and should I bother trying to invest in antiproton stuff?

Thanks for the help!


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