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03-10-2012, 12:39 PM
Loved every part of it.
That end battle was crazy.

Ep1: The KDF diplomat was a HORRIBLE diplomat
Ep2: The KDF "espionage mission" had starfleet people transporting in to kill you in broad daylight. you kill them and go about your day. Seems stupid as anything I have seen from cryptic. Just plant the stuff. Don't have this poor redshirt transport down to do whatever.
Ep3: Perfect
Ep4: Awesome except.....a kdf going to a secret starfleet prison? Really?
Ep5: Perfect

So, all in all, I still liked the romulan series more because they had more for the kdf to do.
But this was still crazy good.
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03-10-2012, 12:41 PM
I give it a meh. I was expecting a lot more. It was painfully easy. Just ***** through the ground and space combat. Also not really a grand entrance for the enterprise considering I was doing all the work and bringing hope to the situation. :p I know these missions are supposed to make you feel like the hero, but comon its the enterprise, should of been the one situation were we weren't the heroes.
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03-10-2012, 12:45 PM
First Dialogue: I found it to be very undiplomatic and outright rude. I really don't see any Trek Captain going that far.
Disclaimer: The following rant is with respect for you, azure, but you hit a nerve I had to rant about.

I am sooo tired of people saying "That wasn't something a Fed captain would say! Or DO!"

First of all, some Fed captains WOULD most certainly say and do worse, and have been shown to in the franchise, and i don't just mean renegades like Ben Maxwell or that dude from Voyager.

Mackenzie Calhoun, a respected novel soft canon Captain was always like that, Janeway herself spoke to the Kazon TEN times worse once they got on her bad side..let's use Janeway as an example--

She started off trying to be diplomatic and cookie cutter fed proper.

Kazon disrespected her, treated her accordingly.

She got sick and tired of it and starting growing some nards-- nards of nasty steel.

Janeway once told a Kazon "I'm tired of bullies. I don't like bullies, and I don't like YOU! If you try and stop Voyager, I'll be happy to use this "unusual technology"

Paraphrased but close to wording.

Feds are in non stop warfare since before 2409--Borg, Klingons, true way, Terran feds, Breen, Romulans/Remans--

I support the notion that we will have many burnt out tired of being nice Warriors battle hardened out there.

It does NOT make it less Trek.

Being able to maintain the morale standards of The Federation is a challenge, not easily met. What we saw on tv were the "best examples" of the best of Starfleet, not the worst.
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03-10-2012, 01:09 PM
Boring mission. Wasn't really that engaging a finale. The spacewalk was more time consuming than fun. The final fight was a little meh. The special reward isn't my cup of tea.

Shon and the Enterprise was my favorite bit of the mission. Wish I got to see more of that. And less spacewalk.
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03-10-2012, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Rewards: Unlimited Clones for 15 sec, nice! She will come in handy and be a major pain in PvP. :p\
Huh? Unlimited clones, thought it was just 2 clones?
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03-10-2012, 01:16 PM
Some parts were cool, but overall I think it was 'meh'.

Loved the EVA suit and actually walking about on DS9, that felt awesome and humbling, the size of the station. Overjoyed that we finally got another use of a minigame to proceed the mission objective (the isolinear chip one); different from the previous sensor-adjusting one at the start of the mission, because it's up to us and our wits to figure it out. Now if Cryptic could just use these in more places on future missions - for example using the waveform minigame when we have to disable forcefields or somesuch...

Onboard the station was a bit meh. There was no chance to use subterfuge until after you'd killed the bad guys, generally. It wasn't very subterfuge-y. Bit of a laugh when they were all told to fire at the lift, and instead got a faceful of photon grenades though

The final spacefight was... hectic. I laughed when the meh-nterprise F appeared and was pounded so hard by all the Dominion that it had to repair itself. Not the best way to introduce the new impostor of a flagship.The Defiant didn't do much either. A shameful showing by these two ships.
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# 37 Meh
03-10-2012, 01:18 PM
MEH lame mission.

Again another mission where there isnt a dual heavy canon option. why is that?
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03-10-2012, 01:21 PM
The Spacewalk was fun, as was watching Jem'Hadar get sucked out of the station. Hated the little matching puzzle on the spacewalk though. I've always hated those kinds. Sending the explosives up the turbolift to greet Karukan was funny, as was barricading myself in the office with a cover shield and just letting my quantum mortar and orbital strike take him down. The Space Battle was a little underwhelming, but it was nice to see the Enterprise. I also think this had the best voice overs after Operation Gamma, nice to know the lady who voiced the founder tuned it down a little, and Loriss at the end talking about Eraun was funny. All in all pretty good. Also I got to keep the Spacesuit!
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03-10-2012, 01:28 PM
First a small rant. When the trailer was released we all questioned two scenes as being trailer magic. The first was the space battle going on while we were on the outside of DS9. We were alluded to believe that it wasn't magic, but actually mission footage. Second was the use of the view screen at the end when the Vorta said, "Did you miss us?" Again alluded to believe that view screens would be used. Neither of these things were present in the actual mission, which was a slight letdown.

Alright, on to my feedback. I loved being beamed aboard the Jem'Hadar ship. When I first appeared, I was awe struck. Good opening.

Spacewalking was awesome, and I loved the EVA suit. However, I hate puzzles! I managed though, matching the three chips, felt like I was on an episode of Survivor.

Promenade battle, wasn't too difficult. I never found the useful items. I died once in ops trying to take out the First. All and all pretty good fight.

Space battle. Now here is where it got odd, but cool. I died many times. My parents came over to visit so I didn't allow myself to respawn, and left the battle rage. Checked on it after about 20 minutes, the battle was over, and we won. So, if you die once, just let it sit, and the Enterprise will take care of everything.

Which brings me to the Enterprise. As was said, when she appeared it was a meh moment. Also, I don't think I'm sold on that bridge, looks too cluttered.

All in all, good ending to a great series.
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03-10-2012, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by Haglahay
Died 6 times already once in the station and I am getting tired of it.

1.) Revamp to ground combat makes it faster and easier to die, yet we still have a 30 second cool down on hypos.

2.) Hypo heals half as much as normal against Jem'hadar for some reason.

3.) The "tricky" stuff seems to be put right next to the enemy, so so much for any subterfuge.

Annoying and stupid does not equal fun.
The Jem Hadar have that special weapon (that we got earlier) and it has packs that can impede healing (which you can get the scematiic to make as one of the rewards for re-running the first mission of this FE.)

And I didn't find the 'tricky stuff' right next to the Emeny per se, they had a wander radius and if you wait tghey walk off far enough so you can trigger stuff without aggroing them if you're careful.

As for the mission:

- LOVED the station exterior enviroment and the way the EVA suit worked. We got a non-combat mission that was (IMO) interesting and fun (of course if you hate puzzeles and actually having to read the instructions on how to do certain things, you maight feel differently.

My one nitpick: WHY am I (as a Vice Admiral taking the direct orders of a Starhip Captain? I WAY outrank Kurland )

One thing I wish you guys would have done was a meeting with Shon on the Enterprise 1701-F Bridge to show the thing off a bit more.

Overall, I liked this one as much as I liked last weeks (and I do hope you guys dp more EVA enviroment maps and encounters); and overall (IMO), this FE ranks right up there ith 'Cloaked Intentions'.

It's really sad that DStahl has stated you're all evaluating the future of FEs and may cut production of them to even less than 2 a year as (again IMO) they are the best mission content i n the game hands down, and I do think they bring more users tio the game and help hook them to stay a while in the long run.

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