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On the new Episode "Boldy They Rode" from The 2800 series...

On the point where you are tasked with entering the Promenade...

There are some serious graphical problems with the Hull Textures on DS9 in that, if you step in just the wrong spot, you can actually fall THROUGH the Station itself, pass THROUGH the Promenade, and fall through its floor, and end up stuck within the underside of the Station!

Screen Shots here included!




Note the underside of the Promenade floor which is ABOVE me, and note the open space visible between the various sections of the Station...

Without knowing what to do at this point, I attempted to walk to the nearest edge in hopes of jumping back down onto the outside hull of the station itself, hoping maybe to found a Navigation Beacon that I could continue th Mission from...


I dropped THROUGH, the Hull of the Station for a second time... and landed, inside.. the Hull, with my feet sticking through the bottom...


Depending on camera angel, it appears as though I am standing on open space/nothingness...


At this point, I am now stuck, my character is not able to move... and I am now unable to complete the mission...

I suspect, I will now have to log out, log back in.. and start over from scratch!

I would suggest... unless Cryptic fixes these problems, I would suggest that people be VERY careful exploring along the outer hull of DS9 during the Space Walk portion of this Mission!
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
03-10-2012, 07:37 PM
To update this...

I attempted to use the /Stuck command, and it refused to work... reading through the Support functions in-game and attempting to read through the "request GM help" ... the only viable option was to "abort mission" ...

Unacceptable to me...

I turned my EV Suit off, and let my Character suffocate... and then Respawn.

This put me back right outside the Promenade Hatch...

But yea... I would still call this a fairly nasty bug to watch for in this area of DS9's hull!

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