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# 1 STF Ground gear ... plz help
03-24-2012, 06:18 PM
Thanks for reading.

I'm looking to run STF ground mission more often and build to elite levels. I have a good amount of EDC but have no clue what a Tac captain should be gearing for best team success on the ground.

I'm open to all suggestions, links, guides and "how to's." Appreciate your help.

Sample questions:

What Kit(s) should i be running?
What weaps? ... (i;m sure sniper, but what else")
What Tac ground powers will teams expect from me?
Assuming I'm looking for Plasma resistant armor?
What should i be purchasing 1st, 2nd, etc ... from the DS9 vendor to start rounding out my toon for ground missions?

Thanks again. I simply want to be ready to do my part.
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# 2
03-24-2012, 06:59 PM
i play tac mostly for stf's its real fun. for kits i mainly use the squad leader kit. it helps boost team dps with rally cry and team tanking with overwatch. also i find it easier to defend trans in cure ground with granade satchl kit but that my personal opionon on that kit. weapons i would defenity recommend getting a pulsewave. does a lot of damge close range and in stf like cure and infected(last room in infected) the push back helps alot. a split beam can be very useful in infected also for longer range and killing multiple enemies. as far as armor and shield i used one with plamsa resist and for shields i used cap3 until i had enough for the omega or maco stuff. a fractional remodulator would help alot until u get full maco or omega sets
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# 3
03-26-2012, 12:24 AM
Personal setup for my tac is split beam and Omega ground set. Kit wise, have something with Overwatch or Battle Strategies aura and activate them when they come off cooldown, for the team to expose enemies so exploiting them with split beams can make for very fast mob clearing (FYI only phaser split beam is MKXII from the DS9 vendor). Other than split beam, consider pulsewave for its high damage and knock backs. I only use sniper for the 3 ground boss fights.

1st free MKX requisition get a kit, 1st prototype salvage get weapon of choice, grind for armor set of choice.
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# 4
03-26-2012, 08:38 AM
thank you both!
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# 5
03-26-2012, 10:57 AM
I tend to use the following:

-Mk X Fireteam Kit (this is the damage dealer, works great, especially when teamed up with someone using squad support)
-1 Complete MACO set. I use the complete set for the one second remodulator ability. The MACO armour's emergency shield battery is really handy for it's a great way to recover from an elite drone or tac drone attack without affecting your cooldowns on your other consumable items (like hyposprays).
-Weapons: 1 MACO sniper rifle, because it's secondary fire is faster than your regular sniper rifles (but not as fast as the type 3 TOS rifle) and it has excellent knockback, and 1 Pulsewave Rifle, which is good up close against hordes, and again knockback is king (it really helps on the last stage of Infected or Cure ground).
-Consumables: Large Hypo, Large Shield, Large Power Cell and Borg Tribble.

Of course that works for me, but it might not work for you. Think about the following alternatives:

-Mk X Squad Support: What it lacks in attack buffing, you'll more than make up for it in squad support and tanking. Even Fire Team will fall flat on its *** on real tough hordes without some kind of buffing from a teammate, and Squad Support helps.
-Complete Omega Force Set: Don't dismiss it... the armor gives a great crit severity bonus and the autocarbine is good against hordes. And since it's a stealthy kind of suit... you may want to try it combined with a Mk X Operative kit, see how it works out.
-Split Beam Rifle: Great against hordes, excellent secondary fire, and it doesn't spray like a lot of weapons so you don't have to worry about remodulating too much.
-Compression Pistols: Like a mini pulsewave, in pistol form! I've seen a few players have a lot of success with these!
-High Density Beam Rifle: Great for targets in a line, has the best knockback, but it's limited area of effect is the reason why I don't use it (and my MACO rifle pushes single targets just as well).
-Blast Assault Rifles: Underrated, but effective!
-Ophidian Cane: The 'pimp stick' is a great tool for holding a horde of drones in one spot. Just rush into the middle of the squad and activate! You've given your squadmates valuable seconds of not being fired upon!

What you want to avoid:

-Miniguns. Sure, you can get a lot of exposes on a group of drones, but spray and pray means you'll have to keep remodulating even more than usual. This gun has virtually no ability to knock a drone on the ground, and on top of that when you use the secondary fire you become a sitting duck.
-Regular remodulators. Get the fractal remodulator if and whenever possible, or better yet get a full STF set! The regular remodulator is just too slow. Nothing worse than staring down the barrel of an elite tac drone while you're beginning to remodulate...
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# 6
03-26-2012, 03:43 PM
Unless you just love ground STFs and remodulating, I highly suggest grinding 60 EDC from space and buying a MK X ground set.
The integral remodulator will make ground play far less screamingly frustrating.
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# 7
03-26-2012, 03:52 PM
i use the operative kit, i think it is unmatched in firepower or burstpower combined with a pulsewave. you can easily take out a tectical drone with an alpha strike out of your cloak, and gab great distances with lunge and then take the pulsewave and blast the suckers away from point blank range.

i combine it with omega, obviously for the greater dmg enhancement that the armor has. KHG and MACO seem more of defencive in nature, but still viable for tactics if you are not going for dps and burst.

But i have to agree with the other people that posted here. Just wanted to point out the more "ninja" style of gameplay^^

PS: the lunge animation is soooo epic, a dropkick la Kirk first 4 seconds of that!

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