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Ok up untill now I've had 3 points that anoyed me:

-Incomplete, outdated content. Maps not included or incomplete like DS9 without OPS, Quarks and upper Prominade. No Bajor map added, outdated Earth Space Dock.
- Can't use prominent characters like James Kurland and Admirals as NPC's.
-Not able to create cutscenes (I know, I know, something like this isn't that easy to build into the foundry)

Just right now I noticed something that I just can't believe.


Nor can I create an alien and use the cardy body details.

I just don't get it...The Foundry is in dire need for a BIG overhaul!
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03-11-2012, 05:20 PM
Well, I agree that Foundry needs improvement, but you can make Cardassians.

See one of mine here:

Use this guide to make one:

Unfortunately, you can't have them wearing the Cardassian uniform. The best you can do with that is make them wearing one of the Starfleet uniforms and just color it completely black. Or you can put them in civilian clothing.
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03-11-2012, 05:24 PM
Thanks, yeah I just found that article myself.
You know what I mean right? We can create an Alien that looks Cardassian, we can't make a Cardassian.

I don't want to flame the Foundry, I love it!
But at the moment we're limited in creating a real enjoyable adventure or story arc.
I'm just hoping that the Foundry will get some real attention in the upcoming weeks, as it plays a big part in the future of STO.

Thanks again Nagorak!

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