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# 1 Kang Protection Duty
03-18-2012, 05:46 PM
Hello to all,

Okay I am not going to turn this into a B*tching or Wining session...

But as of Today this date, I was participating in a Cure Space (Normal) SFT, which ended up failing... Alright this can normally happen, but if not for a player who took up protection of Kang, and with a "tude" that expected all to drop what they were doing and fight off the Raptors that spawned heading off toward Kang, that recluctantly this player (As I can not name them) couldn't handle the Raptor's and just plain Arrogantly expected others to to fight them off while trying to focus on the probes, the cube and the Raptors that spawn after killing off a few probes and attacking players etc...

This player virtually ended up backing off intentionally while we were working on the middle cube and didn't want to help in fighting all those Raptor's off which resulted in Kang getting a cold grave... Watching as we all had to drop what we were focused on and go running to try to fend off the Raptors from Kang..

Yes in a private message, this player told me out right that all firing the cubes should have also taken care of the spawning Raptors.. The nerve of this player to expect other random players some same level some not to do all the work of killing everything off while this player can roam around doing nothing.. I wonder about this players work ethic.. Anyway this player expected everyone to "Jump when called upon"..

Mind you I have played in I do not know how many Cure Space Normal's, of course if someone was overwhelmed we would help.. But this player is Noob calling others a Noob, who then couldn't even handle a few Raptors. Even I myself in worst escort could handle every Raptor that came toward Kang when I was the one on protecton duty..

But as I said this is not a complalnt session... This is what happened. So for future reference and for those new to STF's..


I think I got it off my chest now .
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03-18-2012, 05:59 PM
/shrug I usually do fire at the ships that spawn at the cube we are on to at least damage them a bit. I toss a GW to slow them down and let some FAW hit them, The guy may have had a 'tude' but I think it makes sense to take down the ones where you are.
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03-18-2012, 06:01 PM
I don't know, the teams i usually run in, everything that spawns at the cube and probes they are working on is that teams responsibility.

ie: 4 team members are the strike team, they take out the Cubes, their probes, BoP and Raptors that spawn at the Cube they are working on.

The other 1 Team member guards, heals, protects the Kang from 4 BoP or 2 raptors.
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03-18-2012, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by captyoung01
Okay I am not going to turn this into a B*tching or Wining session...
Not that I disagree with you, but that's exactly what you did.

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