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It is really easy to build a tank in space. Even with the mandatory aggro/threat control that gives teh tank a purpose (at least in PvE).

But how the hell can I do it on ground?

The goal would be to pull aggro from the targeted mob in a reliable way and survive (even at the expanse of DPS).

Putting the necessary points into appropriate skills isn't too difficult either.
But what gear and powers are best for this?

A dedicated tank should even be able to take the best shots from Armek and Rebecca without dying, assuming you have a good healer to back you up.

Also which class is the best choice for this?

Can I do it with an engineer?`Or is the Engi better for DPS (through building drones and turrets) and.

I am not talking about a healer tank either, cause a healer most likely sacrifices Hitpoints and resists...

Or is actually the Tactical character the best tank due to having the most hitpoints?

What gear enhances our hitpoint number best and gives good resists at the same time?

Which weapons give you the easiest aggro against single or multiple targets?

My goal and benchmark would be tanking Armek as he is the worst heavy hitter in the game. It might not be quite possible to tank him, but aiming for him should give you an edge for every other enemy.
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03-13-2012, 02:43 AM
Sci char that can heal itself. You can't tank unless you can heal yourself.
Engi has limited heal and shield regen, and the generators can be destroyed. They're actually a huge "must shoot it" flag for any NPC.
Tac is the worst at tanking. It can only use hypos to heal himself once every 30 seconds, that's not tanking, it's respawning a lot. You do get the cloak as an advantage, but you ain't tanking much while cloaked.

Easiest to get lots of aggro > spam grenades and alternate fire on the tri-beam rifle.
If your "tank" is based on another dedicated healer you're basically taking out two dps-ers of your team instead of just you.
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03-13-2012, 06:31 AM
So I guess groundreally has no true tank then?

Cause a tank would be a toon, that maximizes is hitpoint and resists significantly to reliably pull aggro and survive long enough for his team to kill the mobs or bosses.
Easier with a healer in his back.

Now I don't want to tie this to a specific class and ideally want to be able to build class hybrids to avoid a strict trinity build.

But If I want to go so role specific I really can't?
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03-13-2012, 07:49 PM
This game does not really enforce the triangle approach of most games with Tank Healer and DPS roles. Although these roles exhist don't expect to have them on your team.

My Tac is fantastic at getting and holding agro, these are just not good things when the closest thing we have to a healer is a Fabrication Engineer.

Medical Generators, can often be put behind a cover shield or to the side of a doorway preventing them from getting killed.

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