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# 1 Today in Doffington...
03-12-2012, 03:14 PM
Doffington is such a strange place, it is a popular destination in between Starfleet assignments where you can catch up with the latest intergalactic gossip, send words of encouragement to nearby military bases, confiscate candy from the crew and other fun things like bartering for White just to make your Jem'Hadar neighbours jealous.

It is also a place of strange happenings, such as...

Today, a redshirt and a gravimetric scientist sustained fatal injuries as they scanned for nearby mineral deposits from the astrometrics lab.

It is speculated that a feedback pulse was created when the Wifi chip of their new iPad 3 refused to link with the LCARS sub-terminal despite correctly entering the secure WPA passcode. According to shipboard security footage, the iPad then exploded as its EPS plasma battery containment ruptured causing fatal burns and blast trauma.

Further investigations are underway at this time.

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