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# 1 Torpedo Spread -- stats?
03-12-2012, 04:15 PM
I've been trying to look for the dev article in the forums which specified the updated Torpedo Spread power worked, but my search-fu is weak.

I've found the relevant Release Note, but it was missing certain details. ISTR a proposed specification from earlier, but can't seem to find it. Based on said Note and personal observation, I've determined:
  • Torp Spread I
    • Up to 3 targets w/ 3 torps each
  • Torp Spread II
    • Up to 6 targets w/ ? torps each
  • Torp Spread III
    • Up to 9 targets w/ ? torps each

Could someone fill in the blanks for me? (I'm mostly interested in the visuals; actual in-game damage stats would help satisfy my general curiosity, but are not essential at this time.)

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