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I have been a subscriber of STO since day one. In that time there have been a few things that have truly bothered me, in particular the sips and the manner in which you select weapons and how they are distributed. I for one would like to see a change in the style of the ship configuration terminal.

The suggestions I have are as follows:

~Make the view of the ship larger and mark the weapons ports on the ship in locations that reflect the style and design of that ship. Take the Sovereign Class for instance, in her design pre Nemesis she has a total of 12 phaser banks and a forward and aft torpedo launchers and a single quantum torpedo turret on the ventral side of the saucer. Post Nemesis the Sovereign received a refit bringing her total phaser banks to 16 and an additional dorsal quantum torpedo turret.

~With the upgrades to the number of said weapons banks the addition of a torpedo counter would be beneficial. The Galaxy Class for instance, was armed with 250 Photon torpedos at any one time. Make them count...

~I am satisfied with the way the shielding systems work in the game, but if I had to pick one area to suggest a tweek to it would be in the area of the regenerative shielding arrays. They offer far inferior defensive properties and lack the regenerative rates to compensate for the lack of strength.

~There should be a way to modify your ship in sich a way that would allow you to gan an additional warp reactor. This reactor would not be so much for the benefit of speed, but more so for the weapons and defenses. Allocation of additional power could be carried over to the flow chart or meeter on the hud.

~All ships available to the rank of Vice Admiral have a hull strength no greater than 45000 hp. Why? The New Odyssey Class should not have the same hull strenth and configurable weapons ports as a 23rd century Excelsior Class Refit, AKA Enterprise-B. That ship should be up in the 80-85000 hp range. I could see the Sovereign and the Nomad Classes having the same or similar hp ranges. They are of similar size and hull configuration. The Galaxy Class is a larger yet older class and should be less powerful and in turn weaker.

I would consider myself to be a serious treky, I have all the tech manuals, and build the models on a regular basis, I have also played all the previous games. I was so happy when this game was announced and then carried out to fruition. I just want it to be true to the name and not some space version of WOW.(World of ********)

Thank you, and I hope there are more of you out there that feel this way and would also love to hear/read any other advise of views you may feel so inclined to share.
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03-20-2012, 08:34 PM
A visual layout of ship consoles would be awesome

I would also like to perform maintenance on systems in my Ship Interior - walk to Engineering and see the consoles installed.
Unfortunately some other items you discuss are in place to make a MMO work (balance/mechanics/gameplay etc).
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03-20-2012, 08:44 PM
I like the idea you mentioned of physically installing upgrades in engineering, I would takeit a step further perhaps, all upgrades to the ship are needed to be done at a dry dock location such as Utopia Planitia...

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