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I've flown a MVAM for quite a while and was just on trying the new Oddy, the tactical escort is useless because it stays .1 km from an exploding Cube it was just firing at! Within a 30 seconds of deployment it's dead, useless!

This has been going on for a long time and needs to be address ASAP! The saucer survives a bit longer due to it's hull but again it's popped in no time also. I try to heal the saucer when I can, but the escort is gone in seconds almost no chance!

My MVAM also does this, and the Galaxy refit also, it's been long enough to see this happen over and over again.

Either the ships need to know how to escape an explosion or at least stay a distance away from what it is targeting or give us commands to tell them to attack or retreat back to us the main section.

Commands would be the best option just like a carrier has.

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