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03-14-2012, 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by
I still prefer the Blue LCARS over the TNG.
I thought I am alone with that. Lets open the Blue LCARS Heretics club

I do not mind the classic one on the new bridge, but a blue option would be awesome.

Originally Posted by Morbius1 View Post
Guess I'll add mine to this one too.

- There are a couple missing faces on the base of the railing near the stations by the viewscreen. (See image below)

- The gloss effect on a lot of the chairs is a bit too harsh. It transitions too abruptly or something. Something about it just doesn't look right.

- No doors to the ready room. Feels unfinished.

- Too many of the bridge officers are just standing around "thinking". They should get to work! Lazy bums! It feels empty without someone sitting next to the captain chair or at some of the other stations.

- The LCARS are static. I didn't notice any animation.

- It would be cool if you could also go to the other decks via the transporter pad since this ship is supposed to have site-to-site transport. We're beyond silly turbolifts.
See image:
-There are two "cylinders", outside, on the left and right side of the top front window. One is out more than the other. In fact from the lower deck window you can see it's floating, not really attached to anything.

- More importantly... There's a gaping hole above the top-front window. It's drafty and I think we're depressurizing.
See image:

Other than that, GREAT JOB! I really like it! Lots of detail and originality.
About the animations: They had the problem with the fully animated new defiant bridge. The animated panels have a much lower resolution than the static ones. Some ppl raged about the low quality and showed screens of static panels in comparision. Maybe Cryptic should mix bouth in the future like in the old bridges, nobody cared then afaik.

About everything else you pointed out: I hate sounding greedy or snobby, but if cryptic want ~30 $ (20 * 1,30+VAT) for the "cheapest" version I demand top notch quality and will frown upon "yeah... good enough" release comments if its not.
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03-23-2012, 12:13 PM
Sooo... um... do devs even read this section of the forum? While I know expecting a perfect 3D model is not going to happen, some of these errors are just plain bad.

At the very least fix the gaping hole above the top front window. The missing railing polygons and add the doors to the ready room. I mean come on! There are doors to the ready room for EVERY OTHER BRIDGE but the flagship???

I haven't bought the pack yet, but I looked at it again on Tribble and nothing has changed. Is this even going to get looked at or, as usual, once it's on the C-Store they don't touch it? Same thing happened with the Belfast bridge. We asked for better textures... a dev said he had an idea to make it better... nothing happened. Not even a reply saying it couldn't be done. These are PREMIUM items. They deserve a bit more attention after the fact than this.


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