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So, now that I've figured out how to build a Raptor for Space Missions, how should I build (both my Tactical Fed and my Tactical Klingon) for Ground MIssions? I was thinking Honor Guard for the Klingon and Omega for the Fed, but until I get those, what's a good idea? I know to use two different weapon types, and I do. But what's the best kind of weapon to use? It seems to be sniper rifles since they contribute the least number of shots towards Borg adaptation with the most damage. I know not to use miniguns or other full auto weapons, because they contribute the most. Are melee weapons a good idea (I'm guessing no)? What other gun types are good to bring other than sniper rifles? What type of armor should I wear? Would it be worth it wearing the EVA suit from "Boldly They Rode" simply for coolness (don't answer that one. it's a joke)?

Thanks for the feedback in advance.

Blood for the Blood God, and all that good stuff.
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03-15-2012, 03:52 PM
I recomend the maco for fed ground and ye keep to the honor guard for kdf, maximize everything but threat control, will power, advanced tactics and combat power, thou if i had enough points I would allocate some to willpower, advance tactics and combat armor, threat control is def not something you want as a tac, leave it to engineers and sci medics esp so they can tank the aggro whilst you deal out the damage.

weapons for fed I stick to the maco rifle as pulsewave and the devidian protogun, for klink same setup but kdf set shotty, a poloron sniper from the stf vendor and aswell the devidian protogun.

atm all my gear is mk xii set gear on bot minus the omega and khg set guns on the klink as they are the last I have left to get atm to finnish the setsd on both factions.
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03-16-2012, 07:39 PM
MACO for FED get the antiproton sniper
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03-16-2012, 08:22 PM
tac klingon? use honor guard set.

slot some assault squad doffs to make your grenades faster (and your secondard honor guard gun attack faster - it's a grenade launcher)

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