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# 1 Things People Might Not Know
03-14-2012, 11:37 AM
This is just a thread to add things that are so vague and hidden in mystery that others might not be aware of without doing a bunch of research and testing. I'll be adding more as I think of them.

1) Tactical Consoles add damage to your weapon's BASE damage before any stats are applied, thereby making the actual effect of a 26% tactical console ~7.5% of displayed weapon's damage.

2) EPS Flow skill and Regulator consoles provide additional weapon's power recharge rate while using weapon's abilities in addition to providing a bonus recharge rate when transferring power between systems. However, it does not affect weapon's power recharge when normally cycling your weapons.

3) Shield Power setting above 50 increases your shield's regeneration rate AND its' ability to resist incoming damage.

4) It is not possible to reach 100% hull resistances mathematically. Therefore, players using many armor consoles will notice that their abilities might not give the expected resistance bonus as they approach the hull resist soft-cap.

5) By default your ship's pitch up and pitch down controls will become inverted when you enter reverse thrusters mode. Here's how to change that:

In your STO chat type:

/bind W "+up"
/bind S "+down"

6) It is possible to save your keybinds to a text file. You may then edit that file and then load it while you are in STO. This is useful for very long keybinds that won't fit into the STO chat, or if you want multiple keybind sets for your various setups. For more information on that see:

7) Flow Capacitor skill points increase the effectiveness of the Tractor Beam DOFF ability.

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