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# 1 Turret-based Cruiser Idea
03-14-2012, 01:41 PM
I was bored today, so I took my free Odyssey cruiser and loaded it up with 8 Phaser Turrets, then proceeded to do three Nagus dailies for the daily Officer Reports mission.

The damage was fine. I am a Tactical captain, so I was able to get my weapons power up to 125 on my cruiser pretty easily.

I was disappointed in how it looked, though. Having never really used the Odyssey before, I'm not sure if beam weapons do this too, but with the Turrets, they only fired from two hardpoints: one at the very front tip of the saucer, and one on the aft end. Even with Cannon Rapid Fire on, it was very disappointing visually. I'll admit, I went in expecting something a little more... Battlestar-y from the turrets, filling my field of fire with little phaser bolts. I got close to what I was expecting with Scatter Volley, but still not exactly what I was hoping to see.

I started thinking, though. I remember reading about the Devs discussing the idea of a Federation Carrier, and a discussion about looking for new styles of play in the game. Players, too, have talked about how the Federation would likely build some kind of ship in response to the Klingons' Carrier.

What one of the devs talked about was a cruiser with side-based firing arcs, rather than front and aft. I got to thinking then, what if they built a Cruiser that had specific Turret-based bonuses? The bonuses would basically bring 6 Turrets on par with 6 Beams.

With that bonus, the ship could have 3 Front and 3 Aft weapon slots, which could (and probably should) be filled with Turrets. The ship would then have 2 Side weapon slots -- both of these slots would fire on each side, rather than being port- or starboard-exclusive. You could load whatever you wanted here, but maybe the ship comes with scaling kinetic cannons rather than energy cannons. That way, you open up fire with the Turrets, and when the shields are weak or down, you can hit the Cannons. This would work well against Carrier Fighters by combining the Turrets with Scatter Volley.

I'm not a hardcore PVPer though, and whenever the mood strikes me to do PVP, I always end up in Fed v. Fed arena matches, so I've never really fought against Klingon carrier players. I really am not sure if this would be overpowered against them, or if my idea is just outright silly. I can also foresee a lot of people saying they really don't like the idea of such a Battlestar-like playstyle in the game, since it doesn't really jive all that well with Star Trek's typical combat scenes.

Just floating the idea out there, though.
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# 2
03-14-2012, 05:47 PM

When I went weapons power heavy with my odyssey, and a load of turrets I found myself a bit on the squishy side and dying with alarming frequency.

Now I'm running a more science set up, with a Shields weapons and aux at about the same level. With 6 Turrets and two photon mine launchers. Still damn squishy, just slightly better.
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# 3
03-14-2012, 06:04 PM
I honestly only did three Nagus dailies when I tried it, and was mostly disappointed by the appearance of only two turrets firing (even though functionally, all 8 were blazing). Part of my idea was just to create a turret-based cruiser that would have more turrets firing off of hardpoints around the hull, so it looked cooler.

Doing something and looking awesome while doing it are equally important to me.

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