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This is a new type of Foundry mission I am creating for this year. My plan is to create a new series of stories design to fit into the daily officer report events. I have decided to start these stories on the Klingon side and the TOS side of the server.

In EP 4 A New Hope, this is a short take or homage to Star Wars Episode 4, but with a Star Trek take on the matter. The player starts out on First City where the mission giver is at. Then they are sent on a mission to retrieve a set of stolen plans.

These stories are designed to be very short with one or two maps. They are designed to work in sets of three. So, a player will be able to do the three sets of missions in about 30 to 40 minutes of play time. It is my hope they can be done in about 30 minutes.

This is an idea that my role play group has been generating for some time. Our hope is to release these small missions in the span of time between feature episodes.

I hope people have fun with these stories.

Thank you.
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# 2 Updated the episode
03-09-2012, 11:21 PM
I added a line to tell people where to go to start the mission.

I started work on Act II, and Act III, which I want to have completed by next Saturday.

My goal is to start with a set of Klingon based daily missions and then a set of TOS based daily stories.

Thank you.
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As I had hoped, all three parts for the Foundry story "Ep4 A New Hope" were completed on time and on schedule.

[Production Notes]

By limiting the production down to two maps per scene, this made it possible to have the scene ready for play by the cast.

One of my goals for this show was to develop a realistic production time per show. My thinking here is that by have a smaller production per show allows for the cast to get more scenes in in a short amount of time.

Why is this important?

Since the Foundry has been on Star Trek Online, I have made several large scale productions. though the productions were good, they took a considerable amount of time to construct.

1. Set designs took many man hours to make
2. Any problems that occurred in production that affected the live show were difficult to correct in a timely manner.
3. A large production requires players to spend a significant amount of time in one event without very little in return.
4. By having many maps on one production, it made it difficult to reuse sets for future projects.

By limiting a show to 2 maps, this makes it easier to port a set for another show.

Also, a short play time results in more breaks for the players.

[player and cast feedback]

I have decided to re-title the stories as 'scenes' because in writing or story telling, a story will have 5 Acts and most movies I have seen tend to be in 6 Acts.

So, I think using a label for a scene makes better sense.

All three episodes have received good feedback, except for the player who could not find the mission door. On the Klingon side of the game, there is a very limited amount of mission doors we are able to select from. In my original plan for the story, I wanted to have the first episode start at Qo'nos in sector space. Then have the second part start at the Nawlogh System.

However, neither of these two systems has an actual door for a Foundry mission. So, I decided to start the shows at the cantina on Qo'nos. This will facilitate the players being able to unload loot between scenes.

One cast member suggested to relabel the task in Scene 2. I plan to do this, but the Foundry seems to be taking a long time to publish Scene 1 after I made some changes to it.

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