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Hello All,

I am back after a long break. I see the Captain Skills tree has changed. I would like some pointers on building a PvE Cruiser Damage Build. I bought a Galor off the exchange and absolutely love it. I use the universal Lt. BOFF for extra Tactial powers. It looks like this.

Lt. Cmdr Tac FAW1, Beta2, HYT3
Lt. Univ (Tac) TacTeam1, BO2

Cmdr Eng EPtE1, EPtS2, EngTeam3 (Never Use), AuxStruc3
Lt Eng EPtE1, EPtS2

Ens Sci Haz Em1

I know I have a lot of repetition in Emergency Powers. This is another area in which I would like some pointers. I would like to spec my Captain Skills for Space STFs. I do well with my current build, but damage is low, and I do not completely understand the new skill tree.
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03-16-2012, 12:03 PM
For space damage, get an escort and try some of the builds here:
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03-16-2012, 03:22 PM
Thanks for the info. I have run an engineer in a Fleet Escort beore they qued and changed the STFs. That being said the Galor was always one of my favorite ship designs in TNG and DS9. I understand the Galor or any cruiser for that matter is not the correct game choice for DPS, but I believe, with 5 Tac Officer powers and the turn rate I have been able to produce in the Galor that I can cause more damage than I am currently producing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, specifically with the Captain Skills respec.
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03-16-2012, 07:24 PM
Galor is a DPS beast and don't let anyone tell you different. This is my loadout:

Lt. Cmdr: BO1, FAW2, Torpedo Spread 3 (Jem Hadar boff reward in the 2800 series)
Lt.: Tactical team 1, APB 1

Cmdr: EPtW1, EPtS2, EngTeam3, Directed Energy Modulation 3
Lt.: EPtW1, RSP1


Four spiral wave disruptors (2 front and rear)
Three Mk XII STF Disruptors (1 front, 2 rear)
Mk XII Quantum Torpedo

Three MK XI Very Rare Disruptor Induction Coils (now craftable by doffs and buyable on exchange)
1 Monotanium Plating
1 MK XI Very Rare EPS Flow Regulator
1 Assimilated Module
1 Antimatter Spread

2 Field Generators (due to a bug, they currently stack, replace witj Assimilated module when stacking bug is fixed, then add another armor)

1 MACO Mk XI shield
Omega Force engines and deflector (higher speed and turn, better weapon accuracy, Tetryon Glider)

Energy distribution:
Weapons: 95
Shields: 25
Engines: 55
Auxiliary: 25

If you have the warp core efficiency and potential skills maxed out, plus all the subsystem performance skills except Auxiliary maxed out, your power levels should sit at:

Weapons: 125
Shields: 60
Engines: 75
Auxiliary: 41

You will consistently kick the crap put of Borg in Elite STFs with this build. ET3 makes Aux to Structural unnecessary. DEM and tetryon glider helps your beams to rip down shields. And there's nothing like watching you spew forth 30 quantum torpedoes at multiple targets.

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