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03-18-2012, 05:45 PM
I liked the playing Opossum vs Moose bit
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03-19-2012, 02:05 AM
When I was playing a North American based Korean-designed MMO I noticed someone with a female character following my squad around after we saved said character from a very difficult PvE environment and got it to follow behind my musket line as we advanced under heavy fire to the objective.

As far as we know our 50-man 'Napoleon square' formation was the first one to conquer this map at such a low level.

The same person followed me around for a week, even matching online gaming times. So I pulled her aside one day (in the game) and asked about her.

Apparently it was a young girl in Portugal and I asked why she followed me around so much. She simply said she liked following me because I led the team well. And she added before she 'met' me in the game she was suicidal and had not eaten for more than 2 weeks.

Thus began my 'tour of duty' to Portugal where I got to know an abusive family environment, a lecherous society that publicly does nasty acts to young girls like her, and an abusive father who used his fists on his daughter and wife on an alarmingly regular basis.

Two years later I got the father deported, the family learned to respect its ladies (mom and 2 daughters)

And that girl who followed my character around in the game?

She became Portugal's first policewoman. She relayed lots of stories to me about gunfights with armed gangs, and I taught her to use plainclothes tactics to lure and arrest sex offenders even before they became actual threats to society. She became a sergeant with her own patrol squad in short order and took command of the local police force in Lisboa more than once when there was a strike over pay. There was only Marta and her small team to ensure law and order was retained at least in her neighbourhood.

Miss Marta Alexandra Rosa passed away in Feb 2008 and as instructed by an informal arrangement between ourselves, her family members contacted me by email to relay news of her passing. Her brother also sent me a note of apology and regretted he 'should have taken care of her the way I did'.

If you ever see a Captain Marta Rosa in game flying the RSV USS Spirit of Texas, read her character bio - I made that character in honour of her.

That poor girl who starved for weeks and wanted death as an escape for grevious abuse, who met me after trying a new game just for the sake of pretty graphics, who learned real life infantry fire and maneuver technique from my own time in the military long ago, who obtained social and legal justice for herself, her mom and her younger sister, and who became Portugal's first policewoman. (or one of the first, as it's probably the actual case)

I wish she would still be here today fighting for law and order and for women's rights in what I regard to be a 'still developing' society, especially in today's EU financial crises.

But she had sustained too much injury during her early years and simply grew weaker and weaker over time to the point she just fell.

And never got up again.


ps. The guys might find this awesome

I am dead serious about gunfights with armed gangs - apparently whomever in command of the police force in Lisboa didn't know or didn't think to use SWAT teams for raids - they send undermanned and lightly armed 2-4man 'squads' to patrol areas with active armed gangs in the area.

Until I got to know about this and I told her to give her boss an earful about trying to get the precious men and women in his command killed.

A lot of STO players love to use lady characters in skirts and high boots on away missions right?

Well, Marta is someone IRL who did that. Tactical combat in a skirt!

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