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03-18-2012, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by carbongrip
Hey everyone just seeing if anyone has a good set up that they could share for tanking with my Odyssey Star Crusier. My problem is my shields I have get busted through to easy with tanking in Elite Stfs, they are Mark XI M.A.C.O Sheilds (with the rest of set). I have even tried the entire Borg set but the are even weaker. If anyone has ideas please share.
Forget about tanking any elite STF. It is simply impossible when they fire regular plasma torpedoes that hit in excess of 400 thousand damage. Even with 75% resists (cap is 75% if memory serves me right) you will die in a hit or two.

In Elites you can only speed tank & +def tank (to incurr miss on those super-torps). Nothing else works.

Setup for Elite:

Aegis Engine (+5% defense) and Deflector (for 2-kit bonus of extra 5% defense), Maco Shield (for innate 30% resist to plasma).

Borg console for the offensive boost it gives.


CMDR Engineering: Focus on speed, instant hull heal and a good shield heal.
Emg power to Engines 1 , Aux to dampeners 1 , Emg power to Shields 3, Aux to SIF 3

Lt Cmdr Universal (Science): quick shield heals and great over-time hull heal+resist bonus
science team 1, transfer shield strength 2, hazard 3

Lt Science: Hull resist/tractor beam break-loose and high utility repulsor (prevents heavy torps and spheres that love to fly up to you to explode)
Polarize hull 1, tractor beam repulsors

Ensign science: provide extra shield resist and a little heal to shields.
transfer shield strength 1

LT Tactical: constant aoe fire grabs aggro from all sources to you (as cruiser you're the tank!) and kills incoming heavy torpedoes.
Fire at Will 1 , Fire at Will 2

The setup for regular stfs you change the ship kit and only the cmdr engineer boff:

Borg deflector, console and engine, Maco shield = best healing. You're not dying to 1-shot kills on regular STFs so this setup lets you take hits forever.

CMDR engineer: Emg pwr to Weapons 1, Directed energy modulation 1, Emg power to shields 3, Directed energy modulation 3

That allows you to put out a ton of damage nonstop while you tank nonstop.

Both setups use 8 beam arrays (or 7 and one torp your suggest harpeng/breen cluster/tricobalt) keeping the ship in constant top speed and broadsiding a target. Consoles are:

Engineering: 1X 70% EPS console, the restl +30%+ kinetic resists. The killer is torpedos not energy damage. Max out kinetic resist.

Science: +35% shield console and the rest shield emitters (they improve shield heal amount).

Tactical: match your energy weapons.

DOFF are all that benefit emg power abilities, brace for impact and if you science captain, the sensor scan.
Lt. Commander
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03-18-2012, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by VangarVega
The Odyssey is a armour-tank, you should focus on that.
Really? Last time I checked the Oddy gets a 1.15 shield multiplier... and with flexible BoFFs it can easily shield tank.

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