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# 1 Two KDF Costume Issues
03-18-2012, 03:21 PM
Female characters do not have access to the TOS variant KDF belt from the C-Store TOS pack.
Naussican characters can not remove the armored collar.

I very much value a 'uniform' look to my crew, and these problems make it very difficult. I'd like to see the same basic uniform options (save some species-exclusive items) available on all characters; especially on items purchased from the C-Store. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

I would also like to see customization options for exchange BOFFs, we saw Breen in the prisoner's uniform in one of the recent FC episodes, so surely I can be done. I'd also like to see the Fed/KDF diplomatic officers being available in the either KDF or Fed uniforms.

[/rant] Thanks!

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