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I was one of the initial players for Star Trek Online. Pre-ordered and everything, even participated in the beta. Lately, I'm a little disappointed for one reason: No First Contact missions from Ambassador Jiro Sugihara. I hit the third level of development on diplomacy almost a month ago, and have been trying to be patient while the glitch is fixed. However, I just hit fourth level, and I'm not seeing the missions, the vote, and am unable to talk with the admiral on DS9 who is supposed to be able to interact with those who've hit the fourth level of diplomacy. Just wondering when we're going to see a fix for this, since (reviewing the forums) it's been over a YEAR since the problem surfaced.
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09-12-2012, 11:00 PM
i said the same thing awhile ago but they dont pay attention to these type of bugs more of the power balance issues with the new ships and everything. Im about to post a poll to where people can choose a number 1 being bad and 10 being good on how well their bug teams are keeping up with all the problems. Tell u the truth the reason this stuff is happening is because they increased their content delivery more then what the current bug team can handle they need to increase their QA team and get back on track cause i hate to say it but their game is turning to be bethesda bug like game.

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